Support for Saitek/Logitech FIP and Panels

Drivers for Saitek/Logitech various Flight Panels and FIP’s is absolutely needed !
(Of course, without third party software)

Lots of people made huge investments in this kind of hardware that adds a lot of realism to the simulator.

Realsimgear should also been considered for compatibility.


All the Saitek stuff will currently work with Lorby’s Axis and Ohs or SpadNext

Yes, but I said “Of course, without third party software” !
That’s one of the main point.

My take on this is that Saitek would need to create a working driver. And we all know what the chances of that are.

Use I’ve been using my panels since launch

As the OP notes, he wants this without using 3rd party software as do I. Logitech has said that they are working on creating drivers so that their hardware can work. I hope that this comes soon since the SimConnect issue apparently is solved.

Yea I half read his comment. But using spad now I seriously doubt that Logitech would do anything close to what spad can do. It’s so nice to change the gear lever to parking brake or the autothrottle arm to tail wheel lock.

My guess is drivers from Log will do only what the panel says it will do

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Right - that’s why the 3rd party options can come in handy.

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It’s over two months later since the last post, so maybe things have changed. I have many Saitek products. The downloaded driver worked immediately for everything BUT my 4 FIP’s. I’d really love to know from the community if my only option is to buy 3rd party software to make these work or if I’m just missing something. There must be boatloads of folks with Saitek FIP’s who are experimenting with MSFS2020. And also while I’m asking… What planes have a GNS530 in them? Any? How do I pop-it out to move it? Do the FMC on the airliners pop out? Thanks!

As we all know there are lots of issues with Logitech/Saitek flight panels (Radio, Multi and Switch) in FS 2020. Although a third party software does fill the gap, I’d like to see a native support from Asobo for these panels that would bring us better flight experience.