Support for SODE

There is an excellent system for FSX/P3D, SODE. It supports really great jetway system and excellent VDGS. Right now, it is claimed that SODE implementation is impossible due to the SDK limitation.

Is there any chance you could try to work with them? Thank you!

I am clearly one of the uninitiated and have never even heard of SODE to be honest. Could you explain why this would be a good step forward for the sim please. And what is VDGS? :slightly_smiling_face:

Not having it right form the begining is actually a step back. These are things one would ecpect day one from a next gen sim.

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SODE - SimObject Display Engine

VDGS - Visual Docking Guidance System

Google is your Friend :+1:
I did not now what either stood for before I did a simple Google search

VDGS in X-Plane looks great. I would like to see this in MSFS.

I agree, SODE would be great!

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SODE will basically allow two jetways at a gate to be docked with the aircraft, like the real world. Airports from some 3rd party devs had it and it obviously increased immersion. I had KSFO from FSDT in FSX that had it.