Support for VR Headsets (oculus, vive, etc)

I know it’s coming, but please prioritize!

HP Reverb G2 first, then others later.

pls for psvr headset thx

They already corrected that stament, all WMR headsets will fork with the VR update

Will Fork???

Corrected it Where???

Will “work” of course.

But none of the other WMR heatsets are that great, so it’s still a pain that HTC / Oculus support comes later.

My vote for Valve index as well

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I’m still hoping that with the delay in the release of the G2 and the apparently associated delay in VR being implemented in MSFS, until October, all VR headsets will be covered when it drops.

Probably wishful thinking, but it might happen. :slight_smile:

with the HTC VIVE COSMOS too

I need this…
plz… VR soon ? :o

This should be closed all headsets are coming in DEC