Support Redwing Simulations

I have some bad experience with the support of RedWing Simulations in relation the Lyon Bron airport scenery. I raised an issue for three times and the only answer I got for the first time was: Parlez-vous Français?

The issue is:
There is the strange rendering of hangar H14 (see example). It seems they forgotten to define the right exclude area; default buildings are slipping through.
I think this issue occurs since the World Update IV.

Not a big deal but it is payware.

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I solved the problem by myself via the SDK (Rectangle Objects).

It looks like the local warehouse is wrongly named COSTARAMA, however we should read here “CASTORAMA”
The other 3PP didn’t made this mistake it seems
Will retain some stars until fix released


Difficult to see in this one from the other 3PP - LFLY, as I don’t own it, however this is correct and as expected :


Still the same for the warehouse naming issue, after applying the 0.1.4 download from Redwing site, however the H14 hangar issue seems fixed @FlySaab340B, though I’ve not paid attention to this previously

Another one today on LFKL

The default runway placement (without the Redwing-LFKL scenery), is as followed, which stands for correct as of Asobo work

Runway placement with Redwing-LFKL installed. AFAIK the North is oriented towards the top of the Map on the World Map flight preparation and as we see they put the RW19 towards the North …