Surface Book 2 - What to expect?

I own a Microsoft Surface Book 2 which I use for daily chores and all sim tasks like flight planning, study manuals and others beside flying in my home cockpit.

Sometimes it would be comfortable to execute a short procedure in the sim right on that surface book.

Before I make room on the SSD for the sim, I ask here what I should expect to see performance wise on that surface book.

The specs are:
i7-8650U @ 2.11 Ghz (8 threads)
16 GB RAM @ 1867 Mhz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 - 6GB
int. 15" display res. 3240 x 2160
ext. 27" display res. 2560 x 1440 @ 60Hz (on docking station)

What preset setting should I expect to be able to use for each of the two displays?
Will I be limited by GPU or CPU?

Does anbody have the sim running on a surface book 2?
What is your experience?
What needs my special attention?

I picked up a SB2 just to use FS2020. So far its working pretty well but I am wondering if anyone has figured out the optimal setting on SB2 for FS. Any suggestions on where to look?

Currently FS uses 30% CPU and 80-100% GPU 6gb, but the gb allotment never exceeds 3.5 gb.

Since September I have been using my SB2 to fly on a daily basis, but for the last three weeks or so, when I use MSFS the battery n°2 drains quickly (sometimes in less than an hour) and the program stops. I have tried every possible type of setting to no avail, I have consulted the microsoft hotline and got an astonishing answer: “Don’t expect to run MSFS with a poirtable”!!!
Has anyone encountered the same problems?

I know this is an old thread, but I’ve been running MSFS on a SB2 since MSFS was released over a year ago. I’ve had a fair amount of success UNTIL World Update 5 accumulating about 200 flying hours. Never had a CTD and started with MEDIUM settings with select settings to HIGH with reasonably smooth performance. I have never run on battery (alone). Always plugged in but battery would still slowly drain. That problem went away when I stopped using the surface dock to power my machine and went to the original power brick. In addition, the later releases seemed to resolve the power issue. Before WU5, I would run for a couple hours with the battery still at near 100 percent. BUT, after World Update 5, the CTDs appeared and I crash all over the place. In particular, just trying to start a flight from LAX, I can rarely ever get to the runway. Interested to know if anyone else has seen this. The same happens at a smaller airport, e.g. Cleveland where a simple departure and return will seldom, if ever, go without a CTD. Very frustrating. Would absolutely like to open a dialog with anyone with a Surface Book 2 since the environments that we have would be much more controlled. I continue to believe that this might be a driver issue. What drivers are anyone using? It is heavily recommended to stay with Microsoft’s package of drivers (which, in my case, are suppose to be up to date).

I am on SB2 trying to get FS2020 with World update VII. All NVIDIA drivers, OS up to date. Also tried 3 older versions of NVIDIA game ready drivers. It crashes like clockwork at the exact spot during load with 0xc0000005 error. Loads fine with the Intel GPU though but poor performance.
I have tried the usual SFC/DISM/ OS rebuild, reinstall, move from win10 to 11. Also tried identical 16GB/500GB NVIDIA GPU surface book 3 and the exact issue repro’s. Tried big power supply, dock, with/without monitors, game installed on surface disk, moved to USB3SSD. The error and crash timing is exactly the same. I wish there was a way to roll back to a very old version that actually works rather than being shoved the mandatory World update VII. Suggestions welcome.