Swiss Alps Real Weather

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has nothing to do with addons

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A large part of the Swiss Alps has eternal winter conditions all year if you are in real weather mode. Lakes are frozen, whereas Swiss lake do not freze. Large Patches of ice in lakes, roads and tracks are white.

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none other than running on real-weather

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since the start.

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I think real weather will give you current conditions regardless of the time of year you’re flying. Try changing the weather setting to clear skies and see if the winter conditions disappear.

As commented by @CD0139, this is a correct behaviour with Live Weather. Even if you change the date to summer but let the Live Weather on, if Meteoblue is reporting snow to the location you are flying, you’ll see snow into the sim.

If you would like to fly with Live weather condition at another past date, this functionality does not exist into the sim, but there is a wish:

Moved to User Support Hub Weather & Live Weather since this is not a bug.

All users in our area are fully aware of snow conditions at any time. We live here, and we know the weather from our forecasts. Meteoblue has e.g. ten degrees celsius in one area, and it has the same temp in an adjacent one, and still there is snow and ice. If I change the setting everything is according to what I set it to, but the BUG is in RealWeather. I will post another screenshot to illustrate the differences. In my first shot you can see that a large patch of ice is on the lake. This lake is NEVER frozen. A similar bug was present when I flew in Southwestern Alaska, when one area was normal and an adjacent one was frozen…

so you are suggesting that Meteoblue is the culprit? I will go ahead and check the local weather, will call back as soon as I have the figures.

The way I understand your 1st post: we are February 28, you have Live Weather on and you move the date to summer 2024 or summer 2023 when you are not supposed to have snow/ice at low altitude. Then sim will nevertheless show the winter snow/ice coverage because you have Live Weather from February. So this is not a Meteoblue issue but a discrepancy between Live Weather and the date you setup the sim.

no, this is not my issue. I do not move my season to summer, I want to fly today. Where I live (elevation between 250 and 450 metres a.SL., there is no snow on the ground whatsoever as of today. Temperatures (I have checked Meteoblue are between 8 and 11 deg. Celsius, and have been for weeks. When I fly over Lake Geneva (which you might know) I see green/brown ground and trees. Then I fly east past the shore, and suddenly I am over snowy ground. The temperature is the same, about 10 deg. C.

Thanks for clarifying. So yes the incorrect snow/ice representation is a known issue due to a lack of precision in the Meteoblue data. Asobo is working with them on that.
There are a couple of related issues in the bug forum, you can review and participate there:

Meteoblue have their own MSFS section, and they have confirmed that this whole thing (has been discussed here since 2021 at least) is present whenever there are high mountains with low valley, and they do not have a solution. So this shows anywhere in the MSFS world with high mountain peaks. If you live in such an area as I do, and would like to fly here, you have no choice but to disable LiveWeather.

And this makes it pretty much impossible to fly on vatsim in the alps as you need live weather and constantly manually adjusting qnh and wind manually is extremely tedious, but flying with everything frozen up in the middle of summer breaks immersion completely.

Thats why the ability to switch off snow while remaining in live weather would be so important to me

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Yes, that would be a good option, already requested: