Switched to DX12, CTD on boot

As the title suggests after switching to DX12 my sim is not even loading. Is there any way or a file or something I can edit to revert the DX12 setting?

Same here.

UserCFG.opt - just look for DX12.

Anyway try just restarting your computer. There was at least one Beta build which caused a CTD on startup for me and shutting down + restarting the computer just fixed it.

I have restarted my PC several times, even changed drivers just incase I didn’t have to go searching for this file. Where is this UserCFG at?

Found it under AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator

CC: @f16e66o

How to switch to dx11? When I go to my “user cfg” file I change d3d12 to d3d11 I save, but when I launch the game the file automatically returns to d3d12.

This is incorrect. If you go back into your user config file, you will see “PreferD3D12 1” Change the 1 at the end to a 0 and save.

Edit: I had it backwards at first…need to change 1 to 0.

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