Switching between VR/Monitor Kills engines

Does anyone have this issue or know how to address it? I’ve heard that the convenience of being able to swap between VR and Monitor mode, allows for convenience of having to stay under the headset throughout the complete flight. Great for long flights. However, my experience is that as soon as I switch either way, my engines die and I need to start them immediately to keep flying.

What am I doing wrong?

I don’t have that issue, might be a key binding that’s causing it?

I switch back and forth all the time and have never had this problem. I know that’s no help to you but maybe it suggests that it’s something to do with your configuration of FS2020

I always hit active pause before i switch in and out of VR

Something similar to me, when I’m in flight and for some reason go to menu and then back to the sim the engines go out, this not happen before

someone here was saying to exit VR via WMR. Switch off WMR, then do anything with menus or Atl-Tab to other apps, then when you are back in the MSFS and flying, enable WMR again and for example the Reverb will kick in automatically. Not sure if it works, I am only prepping myself for when my headset arrives.

Yes, that works, it’s what I do each time I swap from VR to desktop.

Mine don’t die but prop rpm and throttle go to 50%. This started happening with last patch.

It happens to me. It’s a new thing with the latest updates. It’s not when I switch in-and-out of desktop mode, it’s when I pause the game to the main menu and then go back into the game. It basically kills my RPM and mixture settings so now I’m quick to adjust them immediately upon return to the game.

If I leave VR to monitor, and try to go back to VR; VR freezes, stutters, locks up, goes blank,. Horrible.

When you leave VR you also need to close The Mixed Reality Portal and terminate its processes. It will restart when you go back to VR and there will be no stutters etc (well, it will be the same as before you left VR!)

If I leave VR to monitor, and try to go back to VR; VR freezes, stutters, locks up, goes blank,. Horrible.`


I can confirm that when I go into options mid flight and change any settings, my engines throttle back to idle and my flaps are deployed when I go back to flight

I’ll give that a try. Thanks for the tip!

I’ve seen this on first flight after starting game and starting VR. I’ve never seen it when not using VR, only with VR, and it doesn’t seem connected to switching back and forth. Seems kinda random when I see it.
If I get this the only fix I’ve found is to quit the game and restart, otherwise there doesn’t seem like a way to start the engine - Ctrl-E doesn’t work when this occurs.

Tried the recomendation, did not work. Completly froze up FS2020 and once I got back to WMR, it was fine.

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