Switching from VR to normal and back a few times improves frame rates?

Wondering if anyone else has noticed this …
When I start MSFS, start a flight (GA aircraft), and then switch to VR with Alt-Tab, no matter where I am, the frame rate seems limited to 20-25 fps on my system (G2, RTX2070, 9900K). With reprojection enabled, flying is very jerky, especially when turning or looking sideways. This does not improve, even if I’m over the middle of nowhere (ocean, desert) or at 5k ft or higher.
If I then switch back to “normal” with alt-tab, stay there for a few seconds, and switch back to VR, suddenly my VR frame rates are >30 (locked to 30 due to reprojection, using OpenXR).
Sometimes it takes two times switching back & forth, but it seems to be very consistent.
The 30+fps stays in place, even over busier areas (not like NYC, but places with towns and small airports).
Has anyone else noticed this?
Also – the “normal mode” framerate is atrocious while WMR is open …

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