Switching out of VR causes CTD

When CTRL+TAB out of VR msfs(DX11) will now crash to desktop. Reverb G2, OpenXR preview build or non preview build.

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Same here.

It looks like openXR updated and this is the cause of my issue. Anyone know how to revert it to a previous version?

Same here, but I found a workaround that solves the CTDs. Stay in VR when you end the flight and go back to main menu. When in the main menu then you can toggle back to 2D. That works for me. I’m using latest WMR and OpenXR developer (preview mode on, no reprojection), G2 headset.

Thats not a workaround. Thats just accepting the issue. I dont like to stay in VR for the whole flight and I always used to be able to switch during flight (they give you the option) Another workaround which I am going to use at the moment is not bother using VR until someone FIXES the BUG.

I do not have OpenXR and I am getting the same issue. Happened within the last week after upgrading flightsim. Reinstalled VR - same issue, As temp…23 said in the last post, the switch to/from VR works when you are in the main menu only. I thought it was a memory issue - I have 32 GB RAM and direct X12…lots of CPU and RAM capacity to spare. Running HP reverb G2.

We cant be the only ones that have this issue…

Do we know if the Developers have recognized this as an issue?.

You say you are not using OpenXR are you using steam vr?

Just noticed another topic related to this here. Please vote on this issue. Getting out of VR with Ctrl-Tab causes CTD (Reverb G2)

Thanks…I have upgraded OpenXR to be the latest. Still getting the CTD when I go out of VR in flightsim. I believe the CTD issue is now a bug but I will vote on fixing this ASAP.

I am quite certain, that you DO “have” OpenXR, to be honest. Using a G2 with MSFS requires you to either use the OpenXR runtime (which is the standard runtime of Windows Mixed Reality) or the SteamVR runtime (which would most likely not produce such problems, but gives fewer FPS).

Please download OpenXR Developer Tools (which is an extra tool!) from the Windows Store, and activate the latest preview runtime.

My guesses are this will resolve your CTDs when changing from VR back to 2D…

Just an update…looks like the latest OpenXR driver 109.2111.23003 has fixed the CTD when switching out of VR.


Those still experiencing the CTD - Just curious to know what CPU you are using, and whether you’ve installed the latest chipset drivers for your MB chipset?

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