Switching to LOC manually?

Todays first flight, i wanted an ILS approach into London City EGLC, rather than assign an approach which goes all round the airport to line when approaching from the east (27) I though I’d set the ILS freq to get the LOC/GS system when i’m near, the flew a course to intercept the runway heading about 10 miles out (272deg)

The CDI was showing clearly the LOC signal and the top bar was showing a grey LOC indication, when i see the glide-slope appear I press APPR and get the grey GS indicator and that was it - they stayed grey and never actually locked on, in the end I had to do ago around and land manually which was messy to say the least as its a steep approach into London City.

Did I miss a step or is this normal for the stock G3000?? Generally it works if use an approach as well but ATC gave me a “straight-in runway 27” so I thought it would work :slight_smile:

Picture was taken after I landed.

Apologies for the picture quality - for some reason this week my X-Box is refusing to let me take screenshots, pressing the button now records a clip :frowning: Controller mapping is still correct.

On a side note ive noticed too that the capture button no longer takes a screenshot only a video capture :man_shrugging:

I’m glad in a way that its not just me :slight_smile:

But how did that change because it certainly worked ok after SU9 until recently

Xbox apparently did a controller update under the radar. I solved the issue by remapping the button function under settings and controller

Hmm, I did check the mappings - short press is take screenshot. long press is record a clip.

Just seems FS2020 is ignoring these

It seems to do it more regularly in msfs than other games. Wierd thing is if i load another game 1st, it does screenshots then video once i load msfs, if i load msfs 1st then go to another game it does video not screen shots its just plain odd.
Would have been nice if they had informed us in advance

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I must apologise i didnt intend on derailing the original subject

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