SWS Kodiak 100 not working anymore

SWS Kodiak 100 not working anymore since SU8, you lose the control of the plane, autopilot is broken…
I had been flying this perfectly until now.

Just flew yesterday - two legs of nearly two hours each - without any issues.

I’d try completely deleting the installation of the Kodiak and reinstalling the package from scratch. I’d bet that will get you back in the air…


Many thanks, I´m gonna try that asap

Flew it as well. No issues here post SU8.

I have also been using the Kodiak without any issues. Have you tried removing everything else from your community folder?

Sometimes updates resets your settings, check flight model settings :slight_smile:

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Same Kodiak runs just fine after SU8

sounds like the OP either has a mod in his community folder jamming him up or as said above, might need to delete and reinstall the aircraft.

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I wouldn’t say there are no issues the advisory warning won’t stop flashing now and AP has been bugged for ages. There is an update pending for the Kodiak but they got stuck during a server move. Now though since SU8 is out they are probably retooling the update with some last minute fixes for SU8. Should be any day now we get a patch. Seems like every plane I own will be needing an update after SU8 or most of them anyways.

Hi all
I don´t know what was going on but anyway, you are all right. I tried reinstalling and today I was able to fly it without any problem, Thank you all for your help!


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Update coming sometime Monday 14 March… here’s a change log:

-Changed low idle to 54% N1.
-Changed high idle to 68% N1.
-Fixed pitch trim mismatch when disengaging AP.
-Improved Autopilot PID for NAV & LOC hold.
-Increased propeller drag significantly and corrected engine output at lower power settings
-Corrections to AC physics system to account for wind from all directions when doors are open.
-Added TAWS INHIBIT function.
-Fixed overhead reading light casting even when potentiometer was off.
-Fixed AP, AoA and O2 lights culling in all cockpit variants.
-Fixed inverted VS wheel animation.
-Re-rigged hobbs meter (engine time).
-Corrected stray labels in all VCs.
-Added AI models.
-LOD2 now has dummy screens for performance (all variants).
-Separated G1000 screen brightness from buttons and made screen fully dimmable for night flying.
-Increased autopilot panel minimum brightness to 2% when on.
-Changed torque gauge readout graduation to 10 instead of 1ft-lb.

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How do you switch off the “Advisory” warning?

You can’t its a bug