SWS Kodiak ESI500 Issues


I’m having 2 issues with the Kodiak’s ESI500 Standby instrument. I’m on an Series X and I’m using a wireless mouse to operate the instrument with combinations of L click, R click and scroll wheel.

  1. I’m not able to adjust the brightness of the ESI500. I’m able to get into the brightness menu but “scrolling” the knob does not change the brightness.

  2. When trying to set a CRS the sim freezes and requires going to the dashboard and forcing MSFS to quit. I’m able to get into the menu item to set the course (which displays an initial 000) but as soon as I try to move the knob (either grab and move mouse left/right or select and scroll middle wheel) the sim freezes.

Are you running it with the NXi or default G1000?

Regarding brightness, I will check it tomorrow on PC and let you know if it works. The code is the same so if it’s broken in both we may have a case. I recall it worked fine in SU7.

I’ve seen rumours that there’s an update due on the 14th of March for the SWS kodiak.
Might be worth waiting to see what that fixes.

I’m using the default G1000.

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That update is for PC users who bought the Kodiak before it came to the Marketplace. The Marketplace version is the same as what everyone else will have after the update tomorrow.

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Fair enough, I didn’t spot the OP had mentioned he was was on Xbox , sorry.

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