SWS Kodiak Trim Wheel - Annoying click!

I realize that trim wheels in some planes have some type of noise notification but the loud CLICK when using the Kodiak trim wheel is too much. How can I adjust this? Thanks

I actually like it, it is realistic and also enables you to know the speed at which you are adjusting.

However, I think if you look at:

sws-aircraft-kodiak-wheels\SimObjects\Airplanes\SWS_Kodiak_gear\sound\sound.xml (for the gear model for example)

and search for “trim”

You will be able to remove the relevant lines.

I sure someone here will know know of a way to do that with “community addon” style.


If I interact with the trim wheel with my mouse, either by dragging or scrolling with my mouse wheel, I hear no sounds at all. Similarly, if I use the trim wheel on my Logitech Multi-panel, it also plays no audio.

I only hear the audio if I use the left trim switch on my yoke.

There were three instances in that file regarding trim wheel audio. I suspect two are only really necessary to comment out, but I have gone with all three to be sure, and it seems to work for me.

I’m just waiting for it to become available.