SWS Pilatus PC-12 - stabilizer trim issue


I’ve noticed that the aircraft has a very powerful tendency to pitch down, especially during landing, which makes it flying very difficult.

All of my trim’s are centered, flaps are 30, and I approach around 100 knots. Yet I am pulling up on the stick, hard, for the entire approach. If I let go of the controls for just a couple of seconds, it would be catastropic.

I’ve been following the checklists as best I can, but am still very new to this aircraft.

Why is your stab trim centered?
You should simply use trim until you can remove the hands from the yoke without your PC-12 changing its pitch attitude.


Exactly. The PC-12 is no different to other aircraft in that regard. If you are having to keep holding flight controls with some force then use the trim to get rid of that.

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I usually land with the stab trim one line above horizontal.

Trim depends on weight, CG, approach speed and flap setting.
Without knowing the above, it doesn’t really help, but thanx for trying to help :slight_smile:

Someone asked about this in the discord, apparently it’s normal for the aircraft to have a lot of trim up in approach config. The pilot flying the PC-12 IRL that helped them develop showed a RL photo of the trim on approach, it was indeed over 1 bar up from center.

I am aware of that, but I find that in most configurations my trim is well above neutral. The TS stated that his trims were centered, so I just wanted to give a rough indication of what is normal in my experience.

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I don’t really understand why there are questions at all about how much nose up/down trim is required.

As long as I don’t hit the up/down stop I don’t care at what position the trim is, neither in the sim, nor IRL.

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Same run away trim problem. even after centering the trim. Any under idea of what the issue can be ?

Nobody wrote about a trim runawy?!?
If trim is moving on it’s own, either the AP is engaged or a assistance or AI is enabled.