System wide scenery clarity regression, especially in VR. Blurry textures, fuzzy lighting, low LOD, overexposure

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The PC ver scenery clarity regression made the sim very unpleasant on 1.18.13, and now in 1.18.14.
Scenery, buildings, rooftops, lights, runway markings are all blurry, fuzzy not clear.
All photogrammetry and online settings On. Rolling cache set at 50GB (doesn’t seem to be working in the sim.)
PC settings “hack” (Render 200 in pc) no difference. Higher LODs in usercfg.opt no difference.
Latest Nvidia 471.41 driver on RTX 2080 Super Hybrid, i9 9900KS, 32GB ddr4@3200MHz,
Openxr at 100 render scale, VR Render at 100, Terrain LOD 150, Object LOD 120.
Numerous complaints in the forum regarding different parts of this regression, which is all due to xbox performance changes as mentioned.
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i9 9900KS @5.0 stock, RTX 2080 SuperHybrid, 32GB ddr4@3200
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Request #114901

Update 2Aug 0600 utc:

I will add over exposed visuals in the sun light, to the point that when you look outside the cockpit to your wings, you loose all the modeling details on a white wing (TBM930) hitting the sun. Sometimes I can’t even tell the difference between the white wing and sand (desert) type of ground, aka KPSP env. Cloud details completely disappeared when facing the sun (a big white flat surface).


Grafix used to looked a bit overexposed on my Reverb G2 before but after I finally managed to get Hotfix 2 installed it has become worse. Flew over the clouds today and almost became snow blind looking at that white mass of clouds below with hardly any details visible. When I switched to flat mode the same clouds had a grey-ish color and I could clearly distinguish one cloud from another.

It took me more than two hours to find a way to install the hotfix and now that.
I’m getting tired.

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