T-6/SNJ Autopilot?

Does anyone here know if any of the Asobo T-6/SNJ aircraft have autopilots, or alternatively, are they able to be flown by the MSFS 2020 AI pilot?

I’d like to use at least one of them for cross country flights, and as best as I can tell from Market Place photos, some of the models have different avionic layouts than others but I don’t see an autopilot.


No autopilots in any of them that I’ve found. There’s also no steam gauge radio navigation in any of them. You could probably track a VOR with the glass panel/gns some of them have, but I haven’t tried it, or know how to set this up properly.

Sometimes you can modify the cfg to enable autopilot on aircraft that don’t natively have one, and then you just use your keyboard autopilot binds like ‘z’ to turn it on and off. Not sure if this is accessible though since it’s a locked down DLC.

Not that this prevents cross country flying. They trim pretty well and will give you a nice stable flight. Most of them were intended for day VFR only though. Here’s my current progress going literally cross country in the T-6 models that I started about a week ago:

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Thanks, and good on you…that looks fun, and what I like doing, too! :grinning: :+1:

P.S. I also like flying in and around mountains!

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