T flight Hotas full kit, Brakes inoperative Xbox series X

Hi everyone. New to MSFS and to Xbox. I got the T flight full kit for the Xbox Series X and it works great out of the box except the brakes do not work on the rudder pedals at all. If I try to bind them to the rudder brakes, it acts like i’m not pushing the brakes at all.

It acts like the switch in the pedals is not working but I have no real way to test it without taking the pedals apart which I’d rather not do. Is there a test mode on the Xbox version, like where you can push every button and control and see a feedback on screen?

You should be able to see that on the Control Options screen in the sim.
I’m not up to date on what menus the Xbox has,
But if you go into Control Options and have your controller highlighted at the top of the screen, select “Search by Input” on the left and then operate your brake (one at a time).
Whatever command is bound to the brake should be displayed.

I just plugged in a set two days ago and had no issues, I just deleted every single input for the HOTAS on mine(it’s just a pedal server for my TB-not using the stick).

On the controls/sensitivities screen, you can scroll down to additional axis(select t-flight hotas of course). There are 8. Rudder is at the top 4, brakes below. Make sure you don’t have any sort of assistance turned on for the brakes. Rudder is bound to it’s own axis, the two brakes each have left and right, thought it said R/L brake analog or something like that. I don’t think I had to restart or anything, but as usual clear cache, fully quit the game and reboot da 'box.

Oh, I still have the assistances turned on. Perhaps that’s the issue. I’ll keep tinkering with it. I’m sure its just a user error.

At least it isn’t a huge deal. The HOTAS system as is, is a huge upgrade over a controller.

I think the brakes work in the sensitivities screen regardless, but to test all your axis, go to control options and sensitivities(first blue box). Make sure you select the t-flight hotas at the top right. You will see 4 windows, you should see elevator and rudder movements. Scroll down again and you’ll see the other 4 windows which have right and left brakes when you push them (axis 7 and 8 maybe). You can check actual hardware functionality as recognized in those sensitivities windows. Defeating the action itself in the game by having the software override it is another thing.

You’re going to spend a lot of time in that section going forward. I’m not sure if it saves sensitivities for the t-flight(it surely doesn’t for the TB V1) as I haven’t fully quit the game in 2 days since I plugged them in. But supposedly in just a few days they’re FINALLY fixing that with SU8 on the 28th.

I’ve seen this happen if I didn’t have the pedals plugged into the Hotas prior to booting the sim.

If you’re still having trouble quit the sim fully (Xbox button—>highlight FS20–>press Menu—>quit) and restart the sim after you have everything hooked up correctly.

So, I turned all assistances off, still no brakes. I mean, they don’t even show up in the sensitivities screen. I have 5 boxes there, roll, pitch, yaw, throttle, and elevator trim (the buttons on the back of the throttle lever) The brake boxes simply are not there.

Today, when I get home, I’m gonna uninstall and reinstall MSFS, power down the whole console, unplug it, hook it all back up and try that. If that doesn’t work, then it must be defective pedals.

Ensure you have “All” not “Assigned” in the filter selection on the left of the Controls Options page.
It doesn’t seem like you have a command bound to brakes.

As I had stated in my last post, this is precisely what I’d see if I’d hooked up the pedals when the sim was already running.

I frequently put away my Hotas and pedals to keep the living room tidy and I’ve made this error at least three times.

Do try fully quitting the sim before you go through the entire effort of uninstalling and reinstalling it. Remember, leaving the sim running and “turning off” the Xbox just puts it into “Quick Resume” mode and isn’t the same as quitting the sim. Even fully powering off the Xbox (to the point where you can unplug it from the wall) will still leave the sim in “Quick Resume” and it won’t have been fully shut down. The only way to fully quit the sim is to do as I described. You may already know all this, but it is key to getting the peripherals to be recognized as the sim boots up.

I did not realize that. I’ve had the Xbox for a week. This is my first Xbox, so the details are new to me. I’ll fully quit the sim before going too extreme.

I also put away the HOTAS system frequently to swap it with my racing wheel setup. perhaps that’s the problem.

I used to work aviation maintenance, we called this a “defective systems actuator” (user error)

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Well change the nav beacon fluid and let us know…

I fully shut the sim app off, relaunched it, and all is well.

I didnt realize shutting off the console didnt shut the app down

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