Taburet - Alps Mesh worth it?

Hi there,

Just saw on that Taburet has released a new mesh for Southern Germany, the Alps, Italy and the Balkans.

Since the original mesh leaves a lot to be desired (and the price tag is reasonable) I wanted to ask if anyone has prior experience with Taburet mesh from FSX, X-Plane or P3D.



Thanks for the heads up. Would be interested in feedback too. 20m mesh doesn‘t sound very spectacular, but since the default mesh is incredibly imprecise in some places it might be a considerable improvement nonetheless.


Watching with great interest.

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… indeed 20m doesn’t sound much but their images look great nevertheless, a Matterhorn at last.

We could wait for a little while: Taburet have already released a UK-mesh, Asobo will do a respective update soon. Lets compare those and extrapolate for a future Alps/Switzerland mesh of the sim proper. After all, some mountains in the NW-USA recently got a LOD-18/1m mesh recently and it shows.
But lest we forget: it (and a Balkan update) could be years away…

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Yeah, I had already discounted the UK mesh due to the update next week. Even though: the mesh update for Monument Valley was not very impressive.

However it’s safe to assume at least the next two updates will focus on different continents not yet featured, like Africa, South America or Oceania. So it’ll probably be a while till they return to Europe.

Would be interesting to know how the Taburet add-ons fared in other simulators. Can’t find much on that though.

Taburet did the Canary Islands for Aerofly 2, not too bad for $15. I wasn’t blown away, but I wasn’t unhappy either. I’d give them 6 out of 10 based on my experience, so I’m waiting to see what ASOBO does first.


Thanks. Just googled the Canary Island addon for Aerofly. Doesn’t sound too good if it didn’t impress you much even though it has a 5m resolution (as opposed to 20m in the new Alps/Med mesh)

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bought it , I DONT recommend this mod , terrain doesnt load correctly resulting in huge hole between mountain and ■■■■■■ up scenery , And I have a 9900k and a 3090 , too bad because the mesh look nice , but it doesnt load correctly


hi, i bought the scenery, but lod loading of the scenery is too low. It looks good if i put terrain lod to 4.0. Then it takes heavy load on fps.
I think lods are too short and many have reported this after US update.
If your machine can handle at least terrain lod of 400%, i would put it 600% or 6.0

my 2 cents


Thank you… :pensive:

Could you maybe post a screenshot? Not sure what you mean.

You mean setting level of detail to between 4.0 to 6.0 in the usercfg.opt file?
Did you have any problems with the scenery not loading correctly, like described by BlurryRobin?

According the reviews in simmarket it seems to be not a very good investment: :frowning:

We need Pilots mesh!