Tail number and custom liveries


I have finish a liveries BUT the tail number doesn’t appear. I don’t want a custom tail number, but simply the one define you can define in MSFS.

Tried to change color in aircraft.cfg ,but nothing.

Is there a good doc about this particular topic?


Is there a panel file in folders of your livery? If so you can either delete it as well as the corresponding lines in the aircraft.cfg and layout. This will bring back the original but it will be white. On the other hand you can alter the panel.cfg at the exterior registration and resize the numbers to original size of 0, 0, 1024, 256. You can change the colour as well there, white and black work as well as putting a 0x before a colour code (eg. 0xb8a071) the colours show lighter in game so you need to play with it. However having a panel file in your livery folder will mean that it might not work with GPS improvement mods.