Taking a break is a good idea when getting frustrated

Well, I did it, uninstalled the sim and took a break. Been simming for 35 years and had high hopes for this sim but SU5 is the drop for me. I just can not make this sim to run well on my computer anymore.

I fully respect Microsofts decision to take the Xbox track and casual sim approach after a year and since I do not agree with it I have the option to simply put up with it or uninstall. Spent 1000s of dollars over the years on add ons and gear, probably about 300 bucks on just MSFS related airplanes and airports but it is all a wash. With every simupdate the game simply works less and less well on my my high end system with latest gen CPU and GPU

Worked flawlessly since summer 2020 and now, CTD, missing autogen, crazy behavior from ATC etc…

It always helps to take a break and that is probably the best thing to do until this sim is mature and stable enough to be used regularly, on my end.

Dissapointing given the panel discussion they had at launch where they said this was going to be a sim for simmers as well. Clearly, that was just to get my attention, I do not trust that they will make this a sim for simmers also. It was a PR gimmick and as a sim nerd I take things at face value. I know it is naiv but that is how I am.

It does not take a year to fix live weather, they simply do not want to prioritieze that.

It does not take over a year to fix live traffic, they just do not want to prioritieze that.

The state of ATC, it does not take over a year to fix the ATC with correct phrases and beahavior, they just do not want to do it.

No harm done, but MS/Asobo, you have lost a customer who has supported the eco system of flight simming for well over 3 decades, I am sure you will have plenty others to spare.


taking a break is always a good idera, but it seesm to me you dont have a very
realistic view on the whole thing.
real simstuff has always , always come from 3rdp party stuff, wont be different here.

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I’m getting random CTDs since SU5. Before it was really, really stable.
As I spend much time to prepare the actual flight, this is frustrating of course.
So I just quit using it till the next update, spend some time in P3D or Elite Dangerous and other stuff.
Saves a lot of energy I would have spend on getting angry.

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I agree with you mate, but given the architecture, 3rd parties are not allowed to fix weather…that is where I come from

Since you posted your views, I thought I’ll do the same too cause I’m in the same boat, kinda.

I uninstalled it too, but I’m not taking a break. I’m just not coming back to it anymore unless a lot of radical, drastic changes take place. My free time costs money and I’m not willing to donate it to MSFS 'cause for me it’s simply not worth it anymore. MSFS has absolutely nothing that I can’t find in other products. Yes they too have their issues, inaccuracies or whatever, but not nearly as severe and show-stopping as MSFS.

I don’t respect them for this decision. It’s not what they promised back in 2019. They said several times MSFS is going to be a “sim for simmers” in numerous interviews, articles and even their own website’s blog. They even said "We got to get this right with you guys first, and by you guys I mean the people that really have been propping up this thing for the past 35 years”. Source: https://youtu.be/a-ppN8HjZGk?t=920 (Go to 15:32 if the link didn’t automatically take you there.).

People who’ve been propping this thing up for the past 35 years weren’t financially investing into or developing for an entertainment video-game, nor were they being shoved a Xbox flight model, UI, advertisements and graphics down their throat. Developers like Reality XP, Eagle Dynamics, FSLabs, PMDG, Milviz, A2A, Majestic, Laminar Research weren’t making comedy, twitchy flight models, avionics etc and falsely advertising them as “high-fidelity” products.

Yes they technically all started as video-game developers (cause both XP and MSFS franchise were games at that time) but the extensions/addons they ended up developing and improvements they added to their base simulators were appropriately realistic, matured and professional enough that aviation authorities such as FAA, CAA, EASA started to take notice and approve them for professional flight training.

Therefore, after a year, I hate to put this way but I as a fee-paying customer now have the profound impression and belief that they (people in charge of MSFS 2020) have blatantly lied to me, and falsely advertised a silly, arcade video game to me by calling it a ‘flight’ simulator. I equally blame myself because it was me who decided to just believe what they were saying and advertising.

An increased number of CTDs after SU5 was definitely a show-stopper for me and a majority of people I know, including at least two die-hard fans of the franchise. To be fair, it’s not like other platforms like P3D, XP and DCS don’t suffer from CTDs, but their severity and frequency levels are very low, and can be solved with a little bit of research most of the time. I’m not a graphics-first-everything-else-second person when it comes to flight simulators, so I don’t understand all those missing auto-gen, graphics downgrade stuff that so many others keep complaining about. I did enjoy the extra FPS performance in SU5 (that was the only good thing about SU5) but I fully sympathize with people who couldn’t accept the downgrade of graphics. The comedy default ATC doesn’t bother me cause I don’t use it. AI ATC in all other platforms is equally bad.

May be it did for a lot of people when it comes to performance, stability etc, but it never worked good enough as an overall ‘flight’ or ‘aviation’ simulator. The development of this product started back in 1982, that was 38 years ago, and it’s downright embarrassing to realize that its previous version FSX and its addon ecosystem is almost 10-20 years ahead of this latest arcadey, comedy flight game when it comes to simulating aviation in a matured, professional way.

I was hoping that the PR gimmick would stop after the absolute disaster that was SU5, that they would be ashamed of themselves, issue a video apology, explaining what went wrong and how soon they are going to fix it. But what I got in return were more smiley faces, Twitch group flights and more advertisements for air racing, arcade gaming and a default-level, old, useless Junk aircraft that they would shamelessly label as ‘payware level’ and ‘high-fidelity’ again and ask for money for it from people who don’t know well.

In other platforms, when X or Y doesn’t work, or if the base simulator devs don’t wanna work on that feature, they at least have the decency to open up that area of the sim for established third party developers to come in and solve it best to their abilities. Yes those 3rd party solutions are not always perfect, but they work to a highly acceptable standard 99 percent of the time. Two great examples of it are Hifi’s Active Sky (for P3D and XP) and Reality XP’s Garmin avionics.

In the case of MSFS 2020, it’s intentionally different because people who are in charge of the product have been intentionally and pro-actively locking many 3rd parties out of the ecosystem and preventing them from coming in and fixing some of the core issues. Again, the way the developers of Active Sky and Reality XP have been treated by the decision makers in charge of MSFS 2020 is the best example of this.

Same with the default flight model. In many ways it’s worse than the default flight model found in P3D and FSX, and it’s great that the developers have high ambitions for a better, default flight model in MSFS 2020, but 3rd party aircraft developers who don’t want to use this default FM (for whatever reason) should be given full freedom and assistance to inject their own FM into the product. Yes, external flight models are already possible in MSFS 2020, but to what extent…I don’t know. This is the sole reason why any and all third party aircraft developed for MSFS 2020 so far is plagued with various show-stopping issues that can’t be easily overcome by their developers.

I don’t think they should. AI ATC is a very tough business. Just believe it. We have PilotEdge, VATSIM, IVAO, POSCON etc for ATC. Having faulty or no AI ATC in a flight simulator doesn’t technically prevent you from performing a realistically simulated flight from point A to B if you are willing to study a little and use some of these online ATCs. Plus there are way better payware AI ATC addons you can use, such as Pilot2ATC.

Absolutely agreed 100 percent. They will not see a penny from me ever again until some radical, drastic changes occur in this platform, and until I see and sense a huge focus on aviation and serious flight simming and not flight ‘gaming’. Until these radical changes happen, I’ll not be supporting this platform with my money and time, and will be sure to let others know so that they don’t make the same mistake that you and I did.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts mate, well articulated!

Yes, best to take a break when you’re unhappy! Kinda like a timeout!

One can take a break because of having other hobbies too :wink: surviving all these virtual zombies and mutants is not an easy task…

Fully agree about the autogen especially. I compared a shot in lisbon from february and one from now…buildings are entirely different…colors are missing from ai buildings as is detail. This is very sad and concerning. Why change the ai buildings and reduce detail for everybody? At least give me a ■■■■ option, so that I can decide the level of fidelity and fps impact. It’s so noticeable in flight…Some maybe want more fps, but maybe I want more visual detail. If asobo reads this: please make it possible, so that us users can decide the building detail, independent from the graphics presets, thank you.

Yes, I do not understand this.

The AI autogen has changed in many places or simply vanished. In other cases the buildings turned into generic boxes with no windows etc.

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