Taking screenshots without the overlays and infos

I have taken screenshots in external view but would like to know how I can disable the P.O.I. labels and also the instrument info in external view, to show just the aircraft and scenery only. I have looked in keyboard commands but can not find the commands. Thanks

General > Camera > Instrument Heads-up display OFF and they’d be gone

In the General settings? But can I turn these off and on while in a flight?

yess ofc, i did double check mid flight just minute ago :grinning:

Excuse my ignorance, I have only been with FS for a few weeks, and still need to learn a lot. Not sure what do you mean by OFC?

thats alright

it means of course

Sorry what do you mean by OFC?

OFC = of course

You can use the showcase view. Check here:

Camera Overview – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (zendesk.com). I took this picture in showcase view.

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+1 here for using the showcase (drone) camera - I use it for most of my camera screenshots (Insert key to toggle it on and off) and I like it because its possible to get field of view focusing, zooming and interesting angles.

Beware though, that when in drone mode, it’s not possible to control the plane, so it’s best to use it on autopilot or with active pause. It will be even better when we get replays working.

I believe it is possible to control the plane while in drone/showcase camera mode by using the default keyboard mapping of “c” to toggle on/off the ability to control the plane. Thanks.


ooooOOOooh! That’s cool … thanks for the tip, I’ll give that a go, thanks!!!