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Hi All,

Would appreciate any help. Shadow play screen shots has been working well for me in MSFS2020 in full screen mode but then suddenly it has stopped working. To be specific I press the key combination and a screenshot would be taken. Now, no screenshot is taken until I press the windows key i.e. Move from full screen mode in the game and then the screen shot is taken at that point. This was not happening previously.

Can anyone help.



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Thanks. Appreciated

tried a new key combination. same issue. Press the keys - no screen shot. The moment I alt -Tab or press the windows key to open another window even with MSFS in full screen mode the screenshot happens. SO the key press is being registered but not “allowed” or activated until MSFS is not the only thing on the screen.

Pretty frustrating.


Have you checked if you GeForce Experience overlay is on?

If you press the key combo, does your overlay appear?

Thanks. Just found out that the privacy
Switch was on! Must have happened when I updated it!!!

All sorted now. Why they don’t tell you that is beyond me.

Thanks again


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