Tall buildings Hot Fix needed immediately!

I don’t want the original buildings back. I want a total redo. Right from the release on Aug 18, rural villages in the UK had buildings that were way too tall. The update today has just pushed the problem into wider circulation so more people are noticing it. This is a global issue, so there must be an algorithm issue in data interpretation that needs revising. Hopefully an easy fix, but one that needs doing as this error is ruining immersion for a lot of people.

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Are the tall buildings around the airports because Big Bear Lake has a couple of 30 story buildings next to the airport. I was there in June, they sure build fast Yes, we need 1.9.4 to fix this Check it out L35

If this is similar to how it is done in FSX (don’t know, really), a quick and dirty fix could be to change the autogen definitions. But this has to be done by someone who knows his ■■■■■.

I was about to start an around the world flight following the path of the 1924 Douglas World Cruiser flight…with corresponding forum/blog posts and maybe invite people to fly in open MP…

But this tall buildings everywhere thing is so immersion breaking I don’t think it’s worth it.

Went out to my normal test/practice area by KMHV and there are random 5 story buildings in tbe middle of the desert.

The game seems to get worse and worse after each patch, I’m thinking of putting it on the shelf for Christmas and hope it’s playable then.

Here is a fix to put in your community folder which removes the Skyscrapper buildings.

There is a also version enforcing the use of higher detail 3D buildings at a distance!


Hey @CptLucky8 this is much appreciated, awesome job!

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Thank you for your kind words! I’m glad this is helping (especially I’ve now seen the twitch where they are saying next patch is in 1 month)


I don’t have a medal but if I did I would give it to you. Alice Springs has been returned to ‘as normal’ as it ever was. Thank you kind Sir!


Yes saw that as well on YouTube during their Q&A, I love what they had to say about many things. You guys (community) alongside Asobo rock!

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It works!! I check it at Nienburg , Germany. Since that fix everything looks realistic again. Some low factory buidings an office buidings but not that tall ones! Good work, thank you. But still got thunder and lightning all the time. Here are couds but no thunder and lightning. But that seems to be another problem.

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Thank you very much, it works.

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In fact CptLucky8 is my hero :wink:

Great work and many thanks for sharing !

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CptLucky is awesome! Just installed the fix and going to give it a whirl.

Does this have any effect on the trees? I have got buildings loading into decent detail by manually editing the LOD but trees popping in so close to the aircraft kills the immersion… (that and the CJ4 became a dolphin apparently but whole other issue :frowning_face: )

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Hi @CptLucky8! I’ve just tried your fix and I’m not sure if I’m doing it correctly. I placed the folder inside the zip file in my Community folder as instructed but I didn’t notice any changes. In fact some of the buildings looked worse than the original. I’m wondering if you can help me out? Here are some comparison pics.









Thanks for the help!

You might want to use the default fix (not the one with the experimental LOD10 for all buildings):
Buildings-Fix-DfltLod (1.9.3).zip.pln (13.9 KB)

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My regular Flights from Wycombe to London City are ruined by these ‘Buildings’. What was once Classic Home Counties England is now quite unrealistic. Is this perhaps a ‘Cunning Plan’ to give 3rd Party Developers a means to take more money by charging us to pay for their Software to remove the offending additions? Hmmmmm, … I’m sure they’d never do that. Would they ?

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The absolutely free fix provided by CptLucky8 completely solves the problem.


I’ve Downloaded your Fix to my Desktop and extracted the File.
Do i put the Zip File or the Extracted File into the Community Folder.
Thanks for this by the way.

zip file is package for download, unzipped in community is what the simulator consumes!

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