Tampa Bay has history! Any way we can get some of our fabulous devs or ASOBO to commemorate it?

Hello MFS Community! By far my favorite gaming community!

You may already know that on Jan, 1st, 1914 the world’s first scheduled passenger airline service took off from St. Petersburg, FL and landed at its destination in Tampa, FL, about 17 miles (27 kilometers) away.

You’d think that this is big stuff for our commercial pilots and of course aviation in general, right?

Question: How much of a chance do you think there is that one of our amazing devs or even Asobo would notice this or run with it?

I was born and raised here and this area is beautiful. We have 3 long bridges that span across Tampa Bay connecting Pinellas County(St Pete/Clearwater) and Hillsborough County(Tampa). There is another bridge at the very top of the Bay called the Oldsmar Bridge and it neighbors the town I grew up in(Safety Harbor). The famous Sunshine Skyway bridge sits at the south end of Pinellas county Connecting it to Sarasota. You may have also seen that the Sunshine Skyway Bridge is already a POI in the sim. Clearwater has pier 60 and that entire areas is scenic with bridges connecting all of our barrier islands.
Safety harbor has a very nice downtown area with a marina and long dock. So does Dunedin, and downtown Clearwater. There’s an concert venue down there as well.

We were blessed by a few spicy devs who decided to model Clearwater Airpark and Peter O’ Knight. I was happy to purchase them and fly around there almost daily! Clearwater Airpark is my favorite touch and go spot. I even have Tampa’s night lighting… However, a modelled version of the newly renovated TPA and newly renovated KPIE plus a bridge pack and mapping update would be amazing. $$
The area’s mapping is unfortunately 10 years old and the other airports(KPIE, Albert Whitted, TPA, and the surrounding mapping is quite choppy for an area that has such history as this.

Does anyone else agree??

Thanks for your time and blue skies everyone!