Tarrain too low warning in A320 fly by wire

I have had the simulator for nearly 2 months now and this wasn’t happening in the beginning but from about a month ago whenever I try to land in the A320 mod and I get below 500 feet, I start hearing a ‘too low, terrain’ warning. It then stops once I touch the ground. I turn on LOC mode and then APPR mode, I have my gear down, flaps 3, speed break armed, and speed at around 130kts. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

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I would suspect " lack of Airbus knowledge"!!!
Flaps 3 is not a normal landing mode, so the plane is warning you that terrain is near and you aren’t configured correctly.
You need to select the flaps 3 selection in the “approach” page of the MCDU, and then you need to push the “Flaps 3” button on the overhead panel to let the plane know.

This feature was probably recently added to the mod.

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Oh thx so much I didn’t know anything about this stuff before getting the sim so this is a big help. Where on the overhead panel can I find that?

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Here is a pic


thx so much