Task Window Positions is not saved if you close them

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I decided to open a new topic because the issue is partially fixed )if you go to outside view and come back to cockpit the windows positions are now saved) and to make this more prominent.

If you open a window from the taskbar (no matter if you assigned a joystick key like me for it or click it with your mouse) / move it somewhere, then close it and open it again, the window postition is resetted directly in front of your face again.
It was not like this before SU 8. Then it was only resetting if you were starting a new flight/session, which is normal then I think.

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difficult with this kind of error
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everytime you open a window from taskbar / move it and then close it. Window position is resetted then to default.
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HP Reverb G2 VR hardware
2080 Super
AMD Ryzen 3800x
32 GB Ram

Thanks for creating this topic, was thinking to do the same thing.

Whilst this was fixed for those keeping the windows open and then changing to external view. The underlying issue was missed. Windows are resetting themselves even when you close them.


  1. I use an external map or ATC for example.
  2. I open it, expand the window and position it somewhere in the cockpit.
  3. I don’t need it open all the time. So I close it.
  4. SU7 - Open again via the menu and the Window’s size and position would be retained.
  5. SU8 Beta - Open again via the menu and the Window’s size and position is reset every time.

Yep same issue.

Same here. I have ATC and checklist windows mapped on my HOTAS. I open a panel, put it on a side, close it, open it again, and boom, right in my face again :slight_smile:

I have the same issue -
I open a panel and move it to the desired position - I then close it en re-open it.
It ALWAYS opens back in the center of the screen.
Very annoying

Are you in Beta already? I am not this time because of time reasons. If you are in beta they didn´t fixed it yet, I guess.

Yes - in Beta (9) - the same problem in non-Beta