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I don’t want a mod from some stranger trying to get into my wallet to fix a bug that the developers of the program I paid over $100 for should be fixing.

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You may want to cast a vote for this topic, too:

it’s a donation-ware mod. You don’t have to pay for it if you don’t want to. And if you want the full version, you can just message me directly and I’ll share it to you.

For now, you have two choices:

  1. The developers are not going to fix it, so that $100 you paid for won’t change and you’re going to have to live with the issue by doing nothing, or
  2. You do something about it. There’s an existing mod that I’m willing to share to you that already solves this problem, all you need to do is ask and apply the mod, and you’ll be taxiing a lot more comfortably.
    It’s your choice.
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Ok…I know I’m new to this sim but not to Flight Sims…why the heck is it taking so long to get the Dev’s to address the Taxi Ribbon - Toggle Key issue and also the arrow size issue. Back under FS2004 they were much more responsive. How hard is it to program a key-stroke to toggle the Taxi Ribbon. Don’t get me wrong this sim is way past what we’ve had before, but Common Man!

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YEs please. I hope they implement this. Sometimes you just want to peek at the taxi ribbon for a second to check if you are on the right track, or to get an overall sense of the path, and it is a pain to have to go deep in to the menu to switch it on and off. A hotkey option to toggle it on and off would be perfect.


If you want to experiment something yourself, it is really easy with any hex editor:

Edit this file:

I’m highlighting the values I’ve changed here:

  1. the 4 numbers after baseColorFactor are the RGBA values for the color
  2. the 3 scale numbers are XYZ scale (meters)
  3. the 3 translation numbers are XYZ translation (meters)

My edit as shown above transforms the blue arrow into green, translate it down very close the ground (instead of floating above) and make it much smaller. With these settings it will not draw more than about 4 arrows in front of you and 4 arrows behind!

NB: I’ve changed alpha but it doesn’t seem to show through. I don’t know which of the alpha or the scale values are actually the ones responsible for limiting the number of arrows displaying but in any case this is a neat property because they are less obtrusive now and you can keep the setting always on for now, until they properly add a keyboard shortcut (an accessibility feature) to toggle the display of the taxi ribbon (an accessibility feature)

You can now download a mod with a few variations here:
[UPDATE 1.1.0] Small Taxi Helpers (3D/VR) | Reality XP


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It would be handy if there is a key binding for the Taxi Ribbon which can be toggled. I know, some of you would say familiarize the airport with reference to a diagram and all, but sometimes you just have to randomly takeoff/land in an unfamiliar airport in your leisure time and struggle to find your way around taxiways for the runway or parking. Not realistic, but handy. Currently it is cumbersome to press ESC, go to the Assistance Menu and enable/disable it there. Yet I don’t like it ON all the time too. Just a quick toggle to briefly show it would be great :slight_smile:



Just a suggestion for while you wait if you are mod friendly Tiny Taxi Ribbons downloadable at is outstanding in my opinion. The tiny green arrows (sometimes blending with taxiway green) are difficult to even see at times.

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For anyone that has the ear of “the powers that be,” this was handled in FS9 as a “Progressive Taxi” option in the ATC window. Before that, it was a little bit silly in FS2002, when you click the ATC option to request Progressive Taxi, your pilot voice would state “(callsign) is unfamiliar with the airport, request progressive taxi.” The reply from ATC was to turn on the ribbon and to give you the instruction “Follow the line on the pavement.”

A far less obtrusive way to implement this would be to use a system of lit or flashing centre lights such as they do with VOX ATC. I don’t use the VOX ATC lights because they are fairly heavy on performance, but a low impact, unobtrusive solution like this which could be toggles with a key press would be ideal.

The edit I’m suggesting above makes the arrows unobtrusive. There are displaying the same color as the taxi lights, they are small in size slightly larger than the taxi yellow line just to see them better, and they are only displaying 3 or 4 in front of you.

The only problem is that on some 3rd party airports they are hidden under the ground. I’d revise the translation to make them a little bit higher from the ground eventually (0.05 → 0.1 could work)

To each his own, but this edit lets me keep the “taxi ribbon” always on and to never bother with it anymore.

Indeed, I’m sure your edit works well, although not everyone will be comfortable using a hex editor. When I say “A far less obtrusive way to implement this” I am comparing it to the default VERY large arrows. I will for sure give your edit a try at some stage, although I usually don’t use the taxi guidance at all.


You can now download a mod with a few variations here:
[UPDATE 1.1.0] Small Taxi Helpers (3D/VR) | Reality XP

old info deprecated

Here is the modified file (and adjusted translation to 0.2 instead of 0.05): (75.1 KB)

  1. Click to download, remove the .pln extension then unzip the archive.

  2. Copy the extracted Asobo_UI.BGL into \OneStore\fs-base\scenery\Global\Asobo_UI (make a backup of the original before)

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Btw, why don’t you just post this as a community mod at

I was actually doing some hex editing myself on these taxi ribbons and currently doing some testing and I’m planning to upload my edit there, but I just don’t want to step into anyone’s toes about this.

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The main reason is that I’ve been wanting to hex edit a few other things like this but didn’t find the time really yet, but this planned indeed!

I was also trying to make this Asobo_UI.bgl into a community packaged mods so that people can just put them into the community folder… I’ve built the layout.json and the manifest.json and everything.

But it didn’t work… lol.

or, a follow me car would be even better

I’ve just noticed the latest Blog Update is saying 2021-22 for this feature…

Honestly, I don’t want to judge, and I can imagine no one is available in the team to implement this, but on the other hand this doesn’t look like something requiring a lot of work either, because the infrastructure for supporting this is already implemented. I mean there is already the event/commands system which exists, and there are already events binding commands to functions, what is holding back implementing this feature for so long? (the OP is from August 2020!)

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Thanks to @CptLucky8 for the guidance.

I’ve uploaded a Subtle Taxi Ribbon mod that anyone can use. It’s smaller, green colour to match taxiway centre lights, as well as invisible parking box.

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Getting back to the original topic of ease to toggle the taxi ribbon on, I too would like some sort of quick access to it. The traditional FSX method worked well by coupling it to the ATC menus. If you had ATC up, you’d acknowledge the ground handoff and then go through the options to choose and acknowledge taxi instructions. Upon completing that, you were immediately presented with an option in the ATC window – “Turn on progressive taxi”. Clicking that option would display the taxi path on the runway, and the option would stick as a toggle option in the ATC window.

The current method requires going back to the menu, opening a separate options window (Pilot Assist menu) and finding and turning on an individual toggle. Then potentially minimizing or closing the window to get it out of the way while taxiing. Too many steps; too much friction in the UI. The user is already in the ATC menu – the taxi ribbon is conditional upon ATC interaction anyway. It makes sense to put a toggle there, where it will appear exactly when and where it’s needed. (The toggle in the assist menu can stay; it can act as a “master” toggle. If the player wants it active, no questions asked, toggle it on there, and connect it to the ATC menu logic so that it either won’t appear, or automatically appears as a temporary toggle “off” to declutter the taxiway view. If it’s off in the assist menu, make the ATC menu offer it as a toggle-on option immediately after taxi instruction acknowledgement.

Even if there’s no further work desired to make a keybind for it, at least make it available in a user-friendly way. The method established in FSX is convenient and quick to use, and makes good sense in terms of user interaction.

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