Taxi Ribbons Without the ATC Babble

It is my understanding that one has to have ATC communications happening in order to enable the taxi ribbons. Is that right?
Is there no way to achieve this without the incessant and tiresome ATC babble?

The short answer is no… You need ATC taxi clearance to know where you would need to taxi through, and the taxi ribbon assists you there.

What’s wrong with ATC Ground clearance?

Then one would need knowledge of taxiways. Too difficult when landing at unfamiliar airports.Signage is not always good either. That’s why taxi ribbons are helpful.
I suppose I could mute the ATC voices once the ribbon is displayed.

Hi @MilordKen!

I’ve closed this thread because as others have mentioned it’s not a bug with the sim but rather how it’s currently designed to work.

If you’d like to suggest additional features to be added to the sim in the future, feel free to create a #self-service:wishlist item detailing how you’d like it to work :+1: