Taxi Way Signs Unreadable in VR

So Im running a GTX 1660TI and Oculus Quest 2 via link cable. But I can’t get taxi way signs to be readable. They are just too bright at night, and the next seems to be blurry during the day.

I’ve tried both in my graphic card and in game setting setting Atmospheric Filtering to X16 with no luck.

Is this just the way it is or is there some other fix that I am missing?

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Hello, I’d like to recommend this post emphasizing double rendering via Oculus Tray Tool. For me, it was very helpful to enhance clarity in VR including both scenery and the cockpit although I haven’t checked taxi way signs. You can try it if haven’t yet.

That did give a bit more FPS and make things smoother, but taxi signs are still unreadable until I am right up on them.

I also found that it is unreadable from 100 foot distance. VR should be improved a lot.

Still playing around, still no luck.

Same issue on my end - oculus rift s and rtx2080.
Did you guys find a way to fix this or should we post this as a bug?
Has anyone with a higher res headset found the same thing?

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