Taxi ways in most airports are wrong

So i have noticed that when ask for taxi to the runway for take of or to the ramp after landing, the letters and numbers of the taxiways are all wrong. I had a Airport chart of YBBN open on my second screen to help me taxi to the runway from GA parking when the ATC told me to taxi to RW 19 via M, L, A and hold short of runway 19. But there is a problem There is no taxiway M, L, A at YBBN it should have been F1, B, B1, A1.

Also noticed this on nearly every airport i have been to that they are all wrong.

Is this a bug or is it they havent got it right?

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this is intentional. only 80 airports will have correct designations/signs

Essentially this would require hand crafting. So if you are flying a hand crafted airport then it may/may not be correct depending on how well it was crafted. If you are flying an AI generated airport this kind of information is just not available so ATC will make up random taxi names.

wow ok. Didnt know that. But dont know about handcrafted airports. Even xplane all the airports in its world has the correct designators and half of them are not hand crafted. From what i know… its been a while since i played xplane.

fsx had mostly correct taxiways pretty much everywhere.

whether they handcrafted or not, this is a step backwards.

My graphics aren’t high enough to make out the Taxi way signs anyway :rofl: