Taxiing the Kodiak Amphibian

Hi there. Sorry to intrude into the forums, I promise I won’t make a habit of it. But I’ve recently been struggling with Kodiak aircraft. I’m told they’re among the best GA aircraft available for MSFS, and they’re pretty much the type of flying I want to do: basically just “van life” in a plane, buzzing at a leisurely sort of speed from airfield to airfield and being able to sit with the doors open enjoying the scenery and the weather in between flights. Unlike most of the default planes, the Kodiak lets you open its doors - and, rather less enjoyably, that little panel in the pilot’s side window which, if opened in flight, serves as a very effectively catastrophic self-destruct button.

But the Kodiak 100 is not an easy aircraft to get along with. It’s very touchy when starting up, but I found some YouTube videos to show me exactly how to do that without blowing the engine up immediately (basically, don’t give it any fuel until it’s somehow running at speed without said fuel - I don’t know how that works but it’s probably technical and therefore beyond my wit. If you feed it fuel and then start it it’ll go bang).

It’s also pretty sluggish when taking off and landing, prone to roll wildly off course on climb-out (fixable by switching on autopilot the moment the wheels are off the ground), as well as abruptly dropping like a rock on final. In short, it’s not an enjoyable aircraft to fly, but I’m told it is very realistic - which makes me think maybe real-life aviation isn’t really that much fun, but there you go.

Anyway, I’ve mostly got fixes and workarounds for the majority of the problems I’ve run into, but the one I’m absolutely foxed by is the problem of how to taxi the Kodiak Amphibian. That is, how to make it move on the ground. I start a flight with it, get the engine running, release the parking brake and throttle up to start rolling. The plane does so briefly, rolling forward maybe a metre or so before stopping dead, never to move again no matter how the propeller does roar. I’ve got the prop pitch lever to full, mixture full rich, there’s no MFD indication that I’m in beta mode (I know it’s a thing though I have no clue exactly what thing it is), the parking brakes are off… Nothing I’ve tried works.

Does anyone else have this problem? Or can anyone point out what blazingly obvious thing I should’ve done but haven’t? Or have done but shouldn’t have? It only seems to be a problem with the Amphib - the land version taxis fine. In fact it’s quite the struggle to get it not to without the parking brakes.

I’d appreciate any suggestions.


Did you disengage the prop latch? This is only present on the Amphibian. You have to pull the prop back to feather and push it back to high idle to disengage the lock, IIRC. Otherwise it won’t develop full power. There’s information in the product manual about it.

Alex on the Discord put it like this:

The short version is:
1) Idle
2) Feather
3) Unfeather


Your problem is 100% not disengaging the prop latch as described above ^^^. The amphibian has this so you can start the engine in ‘beta’ (reduced thrust) when on the water - handy to stop the plane immediately zipping off as it would at idle.

The Kodiak is tricky to fly compared to the stock aircraft, but with correct controller calibration and proper technique hand flying it is pretty easy - no need to put the autopilot on as soon as wheels up!

Keep checking out those YouTube videos. They will tell you all you need to know.

(Ps - great post!)


I’m not sure why you think your questions are bothersome? That’s why we’re here!

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Thank you for the responses and advice - I appreciate it. Prop latch makes sense - I’ll go give it a try.

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May I just say that I like your writing style. Don’t stay away! Get active and share your witty ways.

I have the Kodiak Amphibian, have yet to load it up. Questions like yours (and the answers offered by the good folks here) will help me.


Yep, that’s fixed it. Thank you very much, again. I think I deactivated the latch mostly by accident this time but I’m sure I’ll get smoother at it with practice.


Happy Flotiaking.

If you like to sling a hammock, this might appeal:


That is exactly what I needed, and I had no idea I needed it. As soon as I have the cash spare, I will be all over that. Thank you. (Also, “Flotiak”. :smile::+1:)

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Ah that’s great! How about a friendy (and free) copilot whilst you wait for your camping gear…

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