Taxiway Lights

Can the taxiway lights (blue) be moved as they are all over the place at my local airport EGNH . If so how .

Basically you have to edit the whole airport and make a new one.

You have to set up new taxiway light paths, but first you have to delete the lighted elements from the properties menu for the ‘Airport’. (under the ‘to delte’ tab) .

Thanks for the reply . Once I have done it does it mean they wont be all over the place but in neat rows ? Also can i place new ones individually or do they have to be in 'light rows ’ .


yes they should be in neat rows. Its faster and more efficient to do full rows rather than individual lights. Not sure if you can but i think you can if you choose a very short line (which the light is then drawn over)

I’ve been re-building bournemouth and the blue lights are still all over the place even using lightrows. same with the taxiway if you selected them to be lit. i dont think they have this right yet it still better than default however.

Yes, do not set the taxiways to be lit, unless that’s what you want, especially if they are on top of an apron. There is no centerline lighting option for taxiways. You can individually control which taxipath segments are lit, and individually control which side is lit or both. Left and right are determined by the order in which you chose the points for the segment, as if you are traveling from first to second point.

For my airport, I chose to use lightrow objects. Unfortunately, they were broken last I knew, and only the first point you pick gets a light, even though you can see them all in devmode. Hopefully they fixed that in the last SDK update, I haven’t checked yet.

I assume you checked the “delete taxiways” option in the airport object?

Have you also noticed that the ‘Default-;ighted’ , center taxiway lights are not Green like theu should be but blue ?! I was editing my first large , lighted airport and noticed that the regularl taxiway center lights are green, but when i edited this aiport and put new taxiway centerlines , their lamps are blue…(KMDW Chicago Midway airport)

Nevermind ! surprisingly, when i loaded the same airport today, the lights are now showing up as green like they should! Probably just a bug the other day when they were showing up as blue.

Actually the problem is back. The centerline taxiway lights are blue/ purple.

Very frustrating. As said above, it seems like a bug and maybe i should just remove the ‘lighted’ option.

Also, now im noticing that airport service vehicles are driving on the taxiways.
Frustrating. I did build them as aprons and added painted lines to then, but im wondering if i should have done them as ‘taxiway paths’ ?

How are you turning centerline TAXIWAY lights on? There’s no choice for that in the scenery editor options. You can, however, add centerline RUNWAY lights.

Are you hand editing your taxipaths and adding an option?

So i figured out that its the ‘taxiway paths’ that need to have the ‘centerline lights’ box checked for the taxiway lights to show up.

So you have to put the taxiway paths exactly over the painted centerway lines, and you have to follow the curves just right, in order for the center lines to show up ( the green ones).

The ‘Painted lines’ has an option for lights but does not seem to work, except for , i think ‘edge lighting’

For the green taxiway center lights, first draw your yellow painted line, then put in the taxiway path directly on top of them.

Once you click on ‘centerline lights’ in the taxiway path properties, the green lights will start showing up. I discovered that the hard way after a lot of trial and error, and cursing at the SDK for a few days, lol

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I didn’t even know there was a centerline lights in taxipaths. I’ll have to look harder.

I’m learning more about the integration of painted lines and other features. I just discovered the runway markings at hold shorts with painted lines (except it seems as though the taxipath has to be 20 m wide or more or it doesn’t show up, which stinks because I work with smaller airports, which still have painted markings). Thanks for letting me know what you did to get it to work.

I’ll have to check that edge lighting on painted lines, too. Edge lighting on taxipaths stinks.

Yea h i just finished the redesign of my first major airport, and the only way i could get the centerline lights to turn green was to use those that come with the taxiway paths.

The edge lights turned on, as expected, just with choosing the right ’ painted edge lines’.
Check out one of the pics , (of the DA40 coming in to land on Runway 31C, and you will see the green centerway, and blue edge lights, based on my technique, as above.

Hey guys, as I reported earlier, the taxiway lights issue is filed as a request in Zendesk already and I guess multiple times. So the 20m thing is new to me but might work as reported.
What I do to make it work in the meantime is, that I put an apron with option drawing off so to say below the taxiway(s) and voila the edge lights work. Stay close outside the taxiways with the aprons and the lights will show up on the taxiway edges close to the paintings.
Green centerlines work perfect as long as you keep the taxiway points (path) connected to each other. When drawing it on runway entries, don’t forget to switch of the drawing and the paintings and the centerline will work with or without lights as well. Regards Guido

I also have been modding an airport, (also EGNH, my local airport as well as the originator of this thread) but my problem is that although I checked every option in the delete, the original taxiway outer lights are still there, many all over the aprons and in other places as well.

Does anyone know how to get rid of these pesky lights on poles from the original airport ?

If it’s not only the lights that are staying after setting all deletions to true, you need to exclude using exclusion rightangular or polygons. deleteAllTaxiways and deleteAllAprons. See also this post MSFS - Airport custom aerial, weird patches of grass | FSDeveloper

You have to disable the stock airport completely by declaring it as CLOSED. Then you add a second airport to your project which will be the new one.

Ah Ha, that makes a lot of Sense - Thanks, although it is a bit of a sledgehammer tool to crack a small nut, but having these old artifacts still there is REALY annoying, and of course, unsightly in your new airport.

GuiHuy - I have already used the Delete Everything options, and even some Exclusion Rectangles, but they are very clumsily implemented in the SDK (like many other areas !! )

It appears the SDK update has fixed taxiway lights using light rows. The lights will now either be a distance apart or “Snap to Vertices” which puts the taxi light exactly where your red dots are. Great time saver! When using the distance option, the editor view and final view are now the same, with the first taxiway light appearing where you start the light row.

BUT - &^(*@ Now the lights are PURPLE again! They are correctly BLUE at a distance and as you get closer they turn freaking purple… :■■■■:

Edit: I opened a zendesk ticket for this to at least get it in the pipeline as a regression bug. If anyone does -not- see the purple, please post graphics settings.


i cant get ANY lights to show at all (light row), so for me they are just flat out broken