TBM 930 Binding for Engine Ignition Not working in game or via Simconnect or Mobiflight WASM

Hi I’m trying to bind the Ignition Switch in the TBM930 to a button box i have all the other switches working as expected through a multitude of Simconect or Mobiflight api calls. But cant get Ignition switch to work, Using the following: MobiFlight.TBM930_IGNITION_ON I can get the switch to move for a sec and then it returns seems it only triggering the Animation and not the whole method.

The code behind that Mobiflight call is: 2 (>A:TURB ENG IGNITION SWITCH EX1:1, Enum) 0 (>L:XMLVAR_Ignition) Seems only the XMLVAR is being read.

In my screen shot i can see 3 Events i can triggered via the debug console that work for moving the switch but how can i make them in a call for mobiflight tried adding the following to the User events but no avail just the same only the XMLVar works :
TBM930_IGNITION_TOON#1 (>B:ENGINE_Ignition_1, Number) 1 (>L:XMLVAR_Ignition)
TBM930_IGNITION_TOOFF#2 (>B:ENGINE_Ignition_1, Number) 2 (>L:XMLVAR_Ignition)


I am pretty sure I am just using the K Events for Turbine Ignition and then the Starter HELD event… the animation moves for a short period of time but it does set it and start…