TBM 930 can't turn ON iginition


I try to do a cold start and I follow exactly the checklist but I’m unable to toggle ON ignition. If I click it keeps coming back to off automatically…

Even the “Autocomplete page” can’t process it.

I can’t find anyone talking about this issue?

Thank you

You have a switch binding to ignition. Maybe Yoke, Joystick or throttle. Delete that binding or use that switch. :wink:

Once you get that sorted, just leave the Ignition set to Auto. When you go through the start process, the ignition will automatically cut out at 50% N1.

Also check that the assist settings are turned off. If not, you’ll have an AI copilot flipping switches on you.


I checked and there is no binding. I made a video on what’s happening: https://gyazo.com/5a165460e7e3b7ef7256c84cfe1f2f86

Here my binding for ignition:

Why is that switch blue?? :astonished:
Did you checked all your controller for a ignition binding. You just send only on screenshot.

When you do the checklist it highlight in blue the button to use.

Yes I checked keyboard, mouse, joystick and quadrant.

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Just found the issue… total luck.

I’m using the Thrusmaster Airbus Quadrant and a button was on CRANK, I turned to NORM and I can now use this ignition switch… WTF.


Sometimes life is a ■■■■■. :rofl:
Anyway, good that you found it. :+1:t2:

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