TBM 930 does not recognize altitude properly above 18,000 in North America

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While flying from Toronto Canada to Ottawa Canada at 21,000 feet, I reset my altimeter to 29.92 but it keeps looping that I am below the altitude. Reboot, restart and the same route while flying at 19,0000 feet with my altimeter set for 29.92 again, it says I am below my assigned 19,000 although I am reading 19,000 with 29.92. altimeter setting. I am not new to this.

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Take off from Toronto center rwy 26, climb to 5,000 feet. then climb to assigned altitude over 18,000 feet… change altimeter setting to 29.92 after 18,0000 feet.

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PC specs are fine.

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:18xxxxx July 30th 2021

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No. The site returns a 404 error.

This is a sim error, not TBM.

Seeing this issues as well with default models. Above 18,000 when the altimeter doesn’t seem to be tracking correctly at 29.92…

After the update the problem, only Occurs right at 18,000 feet.
It appears they believe that at or below 18,000 feet is normal altimeter setting and 1801 and above is 29.92 but this is wrong.
Reported to Zendesk.

After the last update and hotfix, the problem still exists from 17,000 up and perhaps lower.
If you are holding 17,000 at the current altimeter setting, you are 300 feet too low.
29.92 is not relevant here I don’t think. I simply climb to 17300 to satisfy them so we can move on with the flight plan. It is possible the error gets greater with altitude but not proven yet.
I.E. Not fixed as of 19September2021