Temperature and altitude reporting are NOT fixed with the patch

As you can see, nothing fixed here. It’s reporting a temp of 90C as can be seen in the screen shot. Altitude reporting is borked as well. I’m currently at FL380, and ATC is yelling at me to expedite my climb to FL360.

It’s good thing I don’t play on Vatsim.

So what exactly was fixed in this patch?


Agreed. In b787 saw Temps go from -54c to +30c from FL240 to FL380. As soon as temp changes ATC request you to expedite your climb or descent and you lose all ability to fly IFR correctly. At least I’ve got the CTDs to stop.

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trim hasn’t been fixed as well.



Nope. It seems most of the fixes in the patch notes are BS.




I don’t believe anything they say any more unfortunately.


Neither do I. Remember these?

“Sim for simmers”
“We’re not going to dumb down the sim for Xbox”


Yes, It seems that we will need to wait more, Hope Asobo can be considerate and let us enjoy this fair outstanding simulator.

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So, at ISA +90, your altimeter should actually be off significantly, especially if the ground wasn’t also ISA +90. That part looks correct but I’m not sure about the ATC component (I wasn’t involved in that part).

Definitely the altitude temps appear to still be coming in wrong. This was tested at length by a number of us after the fix for some long duration flights with the fix applied and no errors, so we’ll report this back to the team.

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Was trying to fly the TBM-930. Clearly at FL310, my assigned FL. And was being told to expedite my climb to FL310. End the MSFS, can’t fly a 5-hour flight being told to expedite my climb to FL310 the whole time.


They completely changed the weather system with SU5 as the paid REX Weather Force and the free Unreal Weather Engine are not working with the sim. So you can either fly with clear skies or one of the preset weather themes or wait for them to actually fix all the ■■■■ they broke.


As per my screen shot from above. ISA 90C. My cruise altitude was FL360. I had to climb (with much difficulty) up to FL4000 before ATC would stop yelling at me to expedite my climb to L360.

Right, that’s why I used +90 ISA as an example.

The fact that your altimeter is wrong in that scenario is very much realistic, unless the ground was also +90 ISA, which I have to believe it is not.

So is the thing with pressure altitude and indicated altitude:

  1. pressure altitude is wrong, so is indicated altitude with STD
  2. pressure altitude and indicated altitude are not matching even when you set STD

Yeah, it’s ridiculous. If anything, it seems worse after the hotfix than it was before.

And yeah, I understand why it’s off. I just don’t get how it can still be this broken, especially if you guys were testing it and it worked for you.

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Reporting live from a test, taking-off EDDS with the TBM, OAT was stuck at 25C till 12,000 or so, and then immediately updated to around -5, for now keep decreasing with altitude , ATM - FL220 -22C

EDIT: Another test
takeoff - KTEB -
Temp 27C till 13000
Temp 28C till FL310 and then immediately jumps to -47C

My guess is that the geographic location plays a part in this bug…

Saw the same, so we need a hotfix for the hotfix…unbelievable

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Missed the mark pretty bad on these two points…

So this is not fixed??? Seriously?!?!


Nope. If anything, it’s broken worse than it was after SU5. Just saw temp of 98C at FL340.

Looks like we have Microsoft Global Warming Simulator. I wonder if they’ll get Greta in as a consultant.