Live Weather-server issues

Temperatures off, altitudes off (barometer not working basically), winds inaccurate and jumping all over, speeds jump around (from like 190, suddenly to 260 knots, then back to 190 etc.). Another massive update and even a hotfix, and the sim is still a mess. I stopped playing for months now that I’m back working like crazy but when I finally make some time during a vacation, I get a bunch of borked whatever with another 20fps. Cool.

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Yeah the temperature at high altitudes are still jumping all over the place causing planes to lose speed etc.

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Sorry to hear this! Will check with the devs on this issue and why it wasn’t correctly implemented today. Thank you!


Same issue here - seemed to be working until about 25,000FT, then +53TAT…

Think we need a hotfix to fix this hotfix then another hotfix to fix the last hotfix…

I love this sim when it used to work but my god these days apart from the preformance gains (Thank you for that) its a mess atm unless you fly solo, no ATC no Live Weather ect


I have a thread on this as well. Not only is it not fixed, it’s actually worse than it was before the hotfix. I’ve got a screen shot over there.




Yes, still broken I get temperatures like +45DegC at FL200, aircraft lacks performance to climb due to this. Unable to reach even FL240 crz on vatsim.

Other issue still not fixed is I dont see any nav lights on online traffic.

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Yea true they decrease a little bit

This is getting beyond a joke now.

It’s about time we heard something from Asobo. An apology for instance. I mean have they ever released an update without breaking something?


+1 …still broken after the hotfix today.

MSFS global warming planet meltdown mode still enabled.

Iv had this on PC since launch to answer your Question,No…I understand this is a big massive world and anything can go wrong…But for me and you as a paying customer its not on that game changing things break on a update

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Thank you, what are the odds we can receive some feedback on what’s causing this, and possibility another hotfix soon?

I’m on Xbox series x and I can only fly in clear sky’s. I’ve tried resetting the console and router, I’ve tried loading in clear sky’s then changing to live but it only changes for about 2 seconds then goes back to clear sky’s everytime. I also tried deleting the rolling cache and add ons but still no joy. Anyone else having this issue?

Sounds live a server issue. A lot of our issues may stem from that. But I am purely speculating.

If you are new to this game, have hope. The devs do their absolute best to provide a good experience for everyone. This is an incredibly advance game, so I try and have patience when things get broke or not work right,

The problem is I haven’t spoken to anyone else who has the same issue so I’m not confident it will be fixed for that reason and for now it’s really taking away from the experience, one that I’ve been waiting 2 years for, which is unfortunate.

It will be fixed.

Run a network test, and maybe reset your xbox networking settings?

Are you hardwired or wifi?

There’s something wrong with live weather I think . I have ATC constantly telling me expedite to a level im already at. This wasn’t happening the first couple of days for me. It’s certainly annoying

@IrksomeKAS07 the issue is the weather system is messed up and reporting the wrong barometer pressure and the temperatures are radically fluctuating at high altitudes mostly about FL18000

Yes it appears so. I was getting warnings that the altimeter was set incorrectly and now the ATC thing .