TBM 930 Feather and fuel cutoff

Hi folks,

this is maybe a dumb question, but in the TBM 930 the thrust lever is a little wired with the right side rail containing the feather and the fuel cut off.

I have a throttle quadrant (x56 Hotas) and when the thrust axis is 0 the thrust lever stays in it initial position on the feather?fuel cutoff side. But once I input a little thrust it jumps to the left side in the taxi position. Well, not ideal but ok so far …

BUT: how can I get the lever back on the right side? I understand that it is not possible with the thrust axis on my throttle quadrant, but I can’t do it with the mouse either … do I miss something here?
I can however put the thrust reverser in with the mous, this works ok. The analog axis only allows to control the thrist from taxi up to full throttle…

Thanks in advance!

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You are not alone, I don’t really fly the TBM because of it and I’m using the Saitek X52 Pro system. I cannot get the lever across to the right again…

The left/right movement in the TBM is tied to the ‘prop’ axis. After you reduce throttle, reduce the prop axis and it should slide over.

Hold down left mouse then cluck the right click button the slider moves over

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Hi, thanks! I’ll try it later :+1:

Remember, in this plane, prop and condition are pretty much automatic. You never need to touch either lever. Before spawning cold and dark, keep the throttle lever all the way back, and if you have axes set for prop or condition, keep them full forward and pretend they don’t even exist. Use the mouse to control the power lever until you have it on the left side (hold left mouse button and tap right, as mentioned above). Once the lever is on the right, your throttle axis should behave normally. For shutdown, pull the throttle axis back to idle, then it’s back to the mouse. Use the hold-left-tap-right method to get back to the right side. This will feather the prop. Bring it back to the low idle position and let it stabilize there before going to cutoff. This video from Daher features the 900 with its G1000, but the startup procedure is exactly the same. When I first started flying the TBM in the sim, I watched this about 20 times - enough that I knew what was coming next for the entire procedure. When I got into the plane in the sim, I was very pleased to see just how closely it matched the video.

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@tclayton2k this is how I do it, works well

I have tried it out now, and this works just fine.

The thing with the prop conditon axis does not work reliable for me though …

Prop condition ? Explain pls

usually you have three levers for a prop plane:
throttle, mixture and prop condition (the prop position, the angle the prop has).

Sorry, i thought we were discussing the 930. Have a good day…

Yes we are discussing the TBM 930… since the TBM does not have a prop condition one need to set the prop condition axis something strange if the axis configured (this was discussed above) - as it is in my case, since I also fly planes where I need a prop cond lever. I do not use different settings for different planes though (this is possible since some time in MSFS)

Over my head buddy, have a nice day.

On a piston engine with three controls, you have Throttle, Prop, and Mixture. The blue Prop lever controls prop RPM, and the Mix is how you lean out the carb for altitude.

In a t-prop with the same conventional three levers, the throttle lever is now labeled Power. The blue Prop lever works the same way, but the Condition lever is more of a set and forget thing. With most t-props, you only have three positions - cutoff, low idle, and high idle. Low idle is used only on the ground. High idle is selected when you take the runway, and left there until clear of the runway after landing.

In the TBM with its single lever control, the Condition control is the right side, the Power is on the left, and Prop is automatic. Because of this, and unlike many conventional t-props, your ground ops are done in high idle. Because of the extra power, you use lots of beta (almost reverse thrust) to control your taxi speed. In the sim, both Prop and Condition controls need to be set full-forward and left there so that they don’t interfere with the sim’s single lever coding.

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New to MSFS 2020 and enjoying this Daher 930, using a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick. I tried the solve, but could not get it to work, but here’s my workaround in case anyone comes by this way in future.

  1. Throttle to idle using the joystick power lever.
  2. Ctrl-F4 to feather the propeller. This pushes the throttle across the H-gate to the right side.
  3. Select the throttle with the mouse and left-drag it down to cut-off.

Welcome btw.

I will give that a try. I feel like the throttle range is very short and quickly hits the reverse range(throttle) quickly.

Thanks @PilotLjay ! On the main (left) side throttles, there’s no chance to hit the reverse range without holding down a reverser key (e.g. I mapped Joy-10 key to this). On the right side, you basically just have 2 positions - the Lo-Idle which you get to from left-side flight idle then Ctrl-F4, and the cutoff from Lo-Idle pulling back with a left mouse-drag.

Thanks for the tip.