TBM 930/G3000 help

Can anyone explain to me how to listen to COM2 , NAV1, and NAV2 in the TBM 930? I am using the TBM improvement mod and the Working Title G3000, but I don’t believe either makes a difference.

I fly in VR but with the broken tool bar, I’ve had ATC in the hands of the “assistance” options, but would still like to be able to dial up an ATIS and listen on COM2 in flight, or verify a VOR by listening to a NAV radio. When I open the audio panel option at bottom it seems like I should be able to click on COM2 but nothing seems to get the audio through. I can tune and xfer just fine but not reception volume.

Unfortunatly I can‘t help you on the listening part as I don‘t use this aircraft but the VOR identifier should appear on the PFD next to the HSI when you set the CDI to NAV1 and 2. So it‘s a simpler way to verify the correct nav station than listening to morse.

Yes, I’m aware. I still like to check the Morse code against the identifier I’m expecting. Habit from my past GA adventures, I suppose. I’d still love any insight anyone might have on COM2/NAV audio in the TBM if anyone knows. Maybe it’s just a sim limitation but it seems like maybe I’m just missing something simple.

Hi fort384,
I also fiddled a bit with the G3000 radio in order to get the VOR Morse signal without success. Of course you can be aware you receive the VOR from the MFD, but as you said, it comes from the past… In this moment I stopped trying since I don’t receive any sound as ATC. Probably a bug, but it may affect Morse as well. In case of any success I’ll post here.

Thanks! I’m glad it’s not just me. The sim not incorporating NAV audio is one thing, it still seems crazy to me not to be able to use COM2 audio even if NAV isn’t simulated - especially given that with the other Garmin avionics platforms in other stock airplanes, both COM2 and NAV1/2 audio function. COM2 audio is a staple of even rudimentary VFR flights when entering Class D or above airspace. Has anyone had success getting COM2 audio in the TBM?

I usually use COM2 to listen to the ATIS. It works (if you find the good frequency of the ATIS), I also can listen to COM1 and COM2 at the same time.

Thanks! Can you explain how? For me clicking on COM2 in the G3000 touchscreen panel does nothing.

I figured it out - COM anyway! Will post here in case anyone is ever searching for the same thing: on the main page of the radio menu you click the MON button to toggle monitoring com1/2/both. I was trying to turn it on in the sub menu previously which obviously doesn’t work.

Still no joy on NAV audio but COM is most important.

Is the TBM a proper plane for VFR-flying?

I suppose there are probably many times where private owners don’t file IFR on shorter flights. Of course where the aircraft excels is well above 18,000 ft so IFR is probably the norm. Not sure what that has to do with NAV audio. I mentioned I am flying the sim in VR, not VFR, just in case the audio control limitation is a VR interaction limitation or something.

I still like to check the Morse code against the identifier I’m expecting.

There’s a few ways to do that. A quick way to do that is by looking up the identifier in Little Nav Map. If there’s an associated frequency, it should display the Morse code, like so:


You can also check out https://morsedecoder.com/.

Hope this helps!

The IFR charts have the Morse on them. I am looking to tune the NAV radio to the VOR and listen to the NAV radio to verify the source. It’s all somewhat unimportant except to add to realism as most times in real life you’d want to check this (at least outside a G1000/3000 system where the identifier is on the display).

I’m not in front of my computer at the moment, but if you go to Nav Com, there should be an option to hear the Morse code for the frequency in question. I’ve done this before, so I know it’s possible.

I’ll take a look when I get home.

Awesome, thanks. That’s what I would think too and I can do it easily in the GN530/G1000 aircraft but haven’t yet figured it out for the G3000.

For getting the VOR ID to work.

Take a look at the PFD or MFD settings. I Think I may have seen a setting in there somewhere.

Not home or I would take a look fir you.

i never succeed to hear the morse code of the NAV. Not sure that it works.

Went through every setting in the G3000, but there’s no way to do it, which is weird, because I could have SWORN I’ve done this before.

I must be imagining things.

I tried with the base Garmin unit in the TBM as well, and same thing. No way to verify the Morse code identifier for a NAV frequency.

So strange. The guys at WT are a smart crew so I’m going to say that it’s a lower priority item at the moment.

Thanks so much guys for confirming. I can stop pulling my hair out trying to find it :slight_smile:

I’ll email WT. There has to be a way in “real life” as so many times I’ve contacted FSS while receiving on a NAVAID to open/close flight plans though admittedly have never used G3000 for real. Less important on the sim but also seems like an easy add.

It does do it. I swear I disabled it somehow and I thought it was the TBM but possibly the 172.

Definitely works in both versions of the C172 with the standard audio panel. But have yet to find a way to enable it with the g3000.