TBM 930 Honeycomb Throttle Config SPAD.neXt

Got all of the Configuration put together… Can seamlessly use the two levers to simulate the full h Throttle system… Start up to shutdown with no mouse clicks or having the throttle jump around…


I was treingebruikers to vind your cognac for TBM in the online cfg for spadnext.
Van you tell me winch of the cfg’ s is Youri?


Its in the first 4 mins of the video… shows you the number and how to download it…

That said there is a new video that you should watch since after SU9 that is the method that you need to implement…

All of the video content is sorted in the UI… see the image

Automatic fill in is terrible !
I want to know where in SpadNext I can find your Configuration!
I looked in the list for your name but was unable to find!


it’s in the first 3 mins of the video…

THX for replica!