TBM 930 how to configure and see ToD "Top of descent"

Hey Guys,

can somebody explain to me, how I can see the ToD when flying TBM 930?
Perhaps a sceenshot or something like that.

Thank you!

For that you will want working titles g3000 mod.

Stock aircraft wouldn’t have it (that’s a assumption)

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Hey, I noticed the g3000 mod… will it function with the TBM930? Cause I didnt found the aircraft as supported one…
Thanks for your help my friend!

With TBM930 WT G3000 V0.7.7
Here is how I proceed
When in flight
In the left TCA display your Flight Plan
Click on a Way Point
Set the FL or Altitude you want to be
Click on VNAV on the left side
Activate VNAV on the upper
ToD is displayed


Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks mate… I will try :wink: