TBM 930 nose cone missaligned and nose distorted: feature or little 3D mistake?

Hi everyone,

By flying my favourite turboprop monster, It seem like the nose cone was missaligned.

I first think that it was kind of paralax thing etc

But I then decide to import it in blender and it look like that the nose have a deformation on the right side.

By looking at it in depth the propeler was rotated on the right to few degrees and the nose shape is distorted.

Hope it can help,

Have a nice day!

Could it be correct because to reduce the veering of the aircraft? :thinking:

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yes that’s it


Thanks guys you are rights!



The correct engine thrust line was already obvious in one of the very first msfs2020 screenshots released and a positive surprise.

Too bad that the FDM doesn’t match the visuals.

Btw. quite often engines are also mounted at an offset angle along the lateral axis.

Yes i notice it too yesterday. Anyhow i hope they gonna fix it

Well now i cant fly the TBM :wink:
Jk good find OP!

It’s not a fault. It’s a genuine design feature of the TBM 930.


Credit to Asobo for making the 3D model true to life :sunglasses: Though I’m sure the OCD types among us will not be so happy with this discovery :grin:


deleted due to a misunderstanding.

Isn’t the TBM 930 one of them? Therefore, it is?


No need to split hairs. I didn’t say it was a feature exclusive to the 930 did I? :wink: This thread is specific to the 930. I’m well aware many SE prop planes have engines mounted in such a way.

EDIT: Don’t confuse the word “Genuine” which means “accurate/authentic” to the word “exclusive/unique”.


Thanx for the HU. Definitely a language problem. Edited my above post.


No problem :slight_smile: I realised soon after I replied that it may have just been a misunderstanding. All good!