TBM 930 Streamdeck buttons

I just can’t find the state variable I need to show it as active / inactive on my button.

If the ENG ANTI ICE:1 == 1.0, then it’s on, with simvars. Or you can read it as a boolean. If you’re using guifarias31/msfs_tbm930_project: Improvement project for the MSFS default TBM930. (github.com), then it’s 0.874 instead of 1.0.

it’s instant instead of the usual delay.

I’m not sure what software you’re using, but if it allows for interpolation, you can increase it from 0…1 over the course of 30 seconds, and the same for turning off.

It seem that ANTI_ICE_TOGGLE_ENG1 is the value to switch the inertial separator on from what I read on another thread. THat’s the only one that’s worked for me so far. I got that working. I would like to be able to display the on/off status on the button like other toggles.

None of the related variables seem to work. I’ve been through the list of commands from the XLS for the plugin and tried everythign that made sense to try. I’ve gone through the MSFS and SimConnect SDK for its values as well, and none work.

PANEL_ANTI_ICE_SWITCH returns a 0 to the button and nothing else. Doesn’t matter if it’s on or off, it always displays 0.

I appreciate these input, but unfortuinately that doesn’t work. I’m using the TBM mod. I tried with a value of 0.874, but it doesn’t shot the status on the Stream Deck button.

I removed the TBM mod, and tried with the value of 1.0. Doesn’t work either.

The switch works to switch the IS on and off, although like I said, instantly instead of a delay. I’m using the “FlightDeck” plugin. Not sure there’s a way to do that 30 second delay. I suspect that’s how it’s coded in the actual TBM when you hit the cockpit switch - it delays for 30 secs before actually activating the command or ramps it up / down slowly for 30 seconds.

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Don’t know if by now there are solutions out there for this (I haven’t fully kept up with this subject for a while), but I finally found a way to trigger the actual cockpit switch (including the 30s buildup) with a StreamDeck button. I got it working by using AxisAndOhs which can discover and read LVARs and HVARs. There is indeed an LVAR for the switch (XMLVAR_InertSep1_Switch), and by using AAO’s Streamdeck plugin you can easily map it to an SD button, works great!

There also seems to be an LVAR for AP Trim (and maybe others), haven’t tried this out yet but that’s the next I’m going to look at.