TBM 930 Streamdeck buttons

I got tired of looking at my Streamdeck buttons this morning so I made up a blank button and reorganized all of the button placements.

On the right side of the panel I put functioning and non-functioning buttons for my AP procedure. The non-functioning buttons do not have any commands stored under the short-key field.

Right now, other than using the TBM dials where needed, these are the only buttons I am using (I think).

Question: Does the AP in the sim have a toggle button in the keyboard shortcuts? I think the sim only supports “AP On” and “AP Off” currently, but no “AP Toggle”.

Here is an image of my Streamdeck and the button I created, that you can use if you like:


It does. I believe it’s Z or it may not be bound by default. I use one button on my yoke to toggle it on/off.

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Thanks, Flyinion! I will scope that out.

Edit: That works like a Champ-pion! :wink:

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Did you actually get the Inertial Separator working? If so, how?

I set the “Inertial Separator” on my Streamdeck as just a reminder key and not as a functioning “keyboard press” button.

I just looked again in all of the keyboard shortcuts in the sim and I do not see the “Inertial Separator” anywhere in the list.

Could it be assigned to a different set of words that are in the list but other planes call it something else? Does someone else know this?

Sorry I do not have the answer, Crunch.

It’s the engine deicer, however when binding to a key, it is instant instead of the 40s it’s supposed to be and I’m not actually sure if it flips the switch in the cockpit.

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Cool. I’ll have to try that. I have an Stream Deck XL arriving tomorrow. Looking forward to using it.

This is all I see for Deicer. Is it one of these or is it something else? Thanks, CastTrout!

You’re looking for TOGGLE ENGINE 1 ANTI ICE

I mapped my unused “i” to the “Toggle Engine 1 Anti Ice” and it does turn on/off the “Inertial Separator” on the PFD, but the switch down below does not flip up/down. I will see what happens during my next flight, and if there are any issues then I will report back here.

Thanks for the tip CastTrout!

So using a generic button, I was able to map the Inertial Dampener as ANTI_ICE_TOGGLE_ENG1. As @MarkRWatney stated, it doesn’t flip the switch in cockpit, and as @CastTrout888930 said, it’s instant instead of the usual delay.

Has anyone gotten the feedback to work to display the status of the anti ice on the Stream Deck? I weent through the SDK doc and tried every variable with indeces and can’t get it to show the on/off state.

Why not using this?

I’m not using that because I don’t need it for the C172. I already have the Logitech Multi Panel and Switch Panel, which pretty much covers all the C152/172 stuff I need. I’m looking for ways to use my mouse less to interact wiht my virtual cockpit when flying the TMB.

Oh, and radio functions for all my planes, of course, which this Stream Deck layout works amazingly well for.

The C172 is just an example… you can use it for every aircraft and you can get easily the status back to the StreamDeck. You can also combine your current one with the plugin. Shouldn’t this work also for Anti-Ice?

That’s already the one I’m using actually. I’m trying to figure out the variables for stuff it doesn’t already include.

ah, I see - sorry for confusion. Good Luck :slight_smile:

I appreciate the help nonetheless. I have the anti-ice (inertial separator) working on a button. I just can’t find the state variable I need to show it as active / inactive on my button.

which feedback status do you need? Anti Ice? Inertial Sep? both?

Try PANEL_ANTI_ICE_SWITCH and let me know if that gives you the status you expect for your button. The delay you expect… I’m not sure how that should/could work, if the sim isn’t doing that when the event is fired like it is when the button is hit in the sim, odd :smiley:

I went through some clouds last night (FL310) and engaged the Inert Sep from my Streamdeck. When I did that the cabin pressure threw a master alarm and shot up above 10,000 (13k?). I silenced the alarm and eventually the pressure went back down to acceptable levels.

I have never tried throwing the Inert Sep switch on the dashboard, at that height and I do not know if it would react the same way. If it does not react this way using the dashboard switch then using the ANTI_ICE_TOGGLE_ENG1 via a Streamdeck is the wrong way to go.

When I did that the cabin pressure threw a master alarm and shot up above 10,000 (13k?).

FYI, that’s not related to the inertial separator. You were ascending too fast or over the rated altitude. FL310 is the ceiling (in MSFS), and you will go above that in any turbulence or weather/air pressure transitions. Usually, you want to fly at FL300 or lower.

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