Stream Deck Button Box (My C172 Implementation)

I forked a repo that some pretty smart cats started. I’ve been adding things I need to my fork that I needed for my small GA panel.

The goal here is to get as much out of my stream deck without having to solder up my own or fork out some more money for logitech panels :slight_smile:

I’m able to get a convincing panel represnation that sits atop my yoke, see here:


The thing I was trying to get was a view of what switches I had on/off on my C172, reading via simconnect. It works great!

The Avionics toggle isn’t quite working, I think there is a goof with simconnect, I’ll be checking on that in the future, but you can see from my screenshot above, the buttons are correctly toggled on:

A sweeter feature, I think that the original devs have is the COM/NAV buttons. Long press (1 second, takes you into a numpad entry mode where you can key in and then xfer to active. SUPER AWESOME!


after long pressing COM1 and typing in 122.8, before hitting xfer:

and the result of hitting xfer:

I have my ap section setup as follows, the XPDR section I haven’t got working yet. more to come on that.


wonderful, I was thinking about getting one, but how do you interface with the simulator?

Hey! Nice to see it gets forked. I worked on the original one. Did you solve the crashes on connecting? For us this was the main reason to not make it public yet. Haven’t had the time to continue working on it since the sim (and thus new simconnect) release.


you plop that plugin into your stream deck, setup the buttons, and then it reads via the simconnect dll!

Example of what a button setup for the RPM looks like for engine 1. You are basically picking the “simulator values” you want to show, and plunking them in “Display Value”

Here is abasic toggle button for my master switch:

The list of all the possible events or data values is in the repo in

I enjoy tinkering almost more than I do flying, so I often am just leaving the plane on the ramp or in cruise and then I just see what else can be done with it. It’s quite fun!


My goal is to dig more as I have free time. I really appreciate your effort on the original! I am very grateful!

I’d love to collab if you are up for it. I’m new to the simconnect world, but am a professional software engineer by trade.

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so there is a piece of software that call directly the simconnect lib, no need for FSUIPC or etc.?

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can you post photo of the actual hardware I have some difficulties to figure the dimensions and buttons readability…

correct! if you pull down that fork and build it, and copy it to your plugin folder, you get the button options to drag onto your deck and configure how you like!

then gives you this when you load up the stream deck

Do realize not all possible variables are in, since they have to be defined by an enum :slight_smile:

Sure! Same here, relatively new to simConnect, but currently Software Architect by trade. Mostly C++ (although currently on a Kotlin project). Have always liked C# :slight_smile:


Yeah, last 10+ years has been in .Net and angular front-end stuff! Shoot me a message sometime!

And yeah, I was adding the ones I needed/could. Some aren’t quite ready with how they require values communicated to simmconnect. Thats where I hope to bridge that gap.

Wilco! Currently busy with a LOT of side projects (Mod here, admin on discord, community streams with Jayne and Simtom and some real life ones) but once I have time I certainly will hit you up. If you have a question on a part of the code, don’t hesitate to send me a DM or hit me up on Discord.

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12oz can for reference


thank you! resolution of the buttons is a lot better than I tought!!

On the XL:


yeah, part of me wants to upgrade soooooo bad :slight_smile:

Wow, a lot of display/button here!!

Just need to buy a prop, an engine and some wings and you have an aircraft. :joy:


Hi to all,
sorry for my (maybe stupid) question, but how i have to install the github thing?

Thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

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You currently have to compile it and then copy the files from the bin folder to the elgato plug-ins folder. The main repo I forked from wasn’t really “release” ready according to Pieter’s earlier reply.

If you are unable to do that, I could provide a compiled zipped folder you just need to plunk into the stream deck plug-ins folder.

Let me know if you’d benefit from that.


Hi, thank you very much for your help. it will be great, if you can provide a zip for me. right now, i have no idea, how to compile any github files.

Thank you very much.

best regards: