TBM 930 Trim wheel enhancement

Because the entire Trim Wheel is black it is very hard sometimes for me to see it moving. And, it is worse in shadows. I am using a 4K OLED monitor so it’s not that, and the contrast is set properly.

Could some white lines be added to the wheel so that we can see it moving, please?

Did you check that there are any on the real plane, Mark ? If not, it makes no sense at all to add them, don’t you think ?

If you mouse over it you can check the trim status before take off.
How it is checked in real plane I dont know.

In the real aircraft it is equally plain so probably not going to change.

I adjusted the brightness up on my LG C9 55" (before the last picture) and that seems to help, but I really shouldn’t have to do this since now the dashboard looks washed out compared to before.

This is a picture of the real TBM trim. Notice the light colored dots on the sides:

Here is the same shot of the MSFS TBM at the same angle. This shot was taken at high-noon. I did not adjust the brightness on my monitor, yet:

Here is the pilots view, “with” my brightness adjusted higher and more washed out:

I would like to see the dots on the side be adjusted just a little bit brighter so that we can see them spinning around. As it is now they are a little bit too dark.

This is, of course a low priority fix. MS has bigger fish to fry right now. Thanks for the tip KeepingCoder267 of putting the mouse over the control to see its current value. But, we should be able to see it clearly moving.

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I don’t know if it’s true to reality but on the X-Plane HotStart TBM 900 there is a “whitish” sector of the ridged surface of the trim wheel, much like in the real TBM picture above, which helps a bit to see the rotation. That sector is not as dark as we can see in the MSFS TBM 930. I don’t know if this is on purpose or only dust/dirt/UV discoloration simulation by HotStart… :slightly_smiling_face:

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I thought the position of the trim wheel is shown on one of the displays?