TBM 930 Weather Radar Not Working / Sketchy?

Hopefully posting in the right place…

So I’m going from Donegal N. Ireland to Keflavik Iceland, I’m at 28,000ft and currently the weather ahead is clear, but it looks like there are clouds below me, so the vertical scan mode should pick them up within 200nm.

Problem I’m having is that the readout is just black. I see the scale saying green is light, red is heavy, and there is black below the green, so is that just the display for minimal weather? Surely it should atleast show all green ahead? Currently all black on both modes and no weather appearing on NEXRAD either which is also set to 200nm.

Normal or bug or what?

Update: It is showing some green on the horizontal setting now, but still nothing on the vertical, it scans up and down for a max of 60,000ft, surely it should pickup something?

Edit: In case it wasn’t obvious, yes I am new to flight sims as detailed as this, and weather radars!

The weather radar only shows actual rain/precipitation, not just clouds. So even though you’re seeing clouds in the sky, they may not be reflected on the radar unless they’re actually producing rain. This was a correction the community requested, and got implemented not long ago.
P.S. set up some rainy weather and check the radar again! It really shows up well then.


Ohhhhh… okay that makes a lot of sense. I had heard something similar but didn’t know if it was specific to the plane they were talking about, or if it was more general.

Thanks for clearing that up!

Anything to add on the vertical scan mode? When I saw weather indicated on the horizontal mode, nothing showed vertically.

I’ll take a look next time I’m in the sim. I don’t remember right off hand if the default range is the same for both modes and how well the vertical scan might display smaller cells at longer ranges.
I’ll check it out a bit more.
I’ve just been happy that I’m seeing actual rain returns! :grinning:

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Ok, I’ve attached several screenshots to demo what I’m seeing. By the way, I had forgotten that the range remains the same for both scans (vert/horiz) when you change the range, so that’s not an issue. The wx cells in my flight were not real small, so they show up well. Smaller cells might not show us a well, especially if you hit one of the “gaps” on the horizontal view (if that makes sense…).
Anyway, hope this gives you some idea what you should be seeing in similar situations with the default plane/Garmin.


Thanks for the screenshots! I’m still not seeing anything on the vertical even when there’s green and some yellow on the horizontal, but it’s not strong so I don’t know. Maybe this is a thing with the TBM on Xbox?


It could be an XBox-specific issue. As I mentioned, you might want to set up a “high rain” scenario and double check the radar using that, and if you’re still not getting good results, please submit a Zendesk bug report!

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Yeah I’ll try that out when able. Currently suffering from maybe 10FPS despite having half the trip with no problems!

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