TBM Around the World via the South Pacific

You can see my route and photologs from each leg, along with notable points of interest along the way here: TBM 930 Around the World - Google My Maps

My original aim was not to fly around the world. I have a personal rule of only being able to fly from an airport I’ve already flown to, and I wanted to use different slow and short-range aircraft to explore various regions of the world. So I used the TBM to quickly travel around and “seed” my VFR regional aircraft in Europe, Africa, Australia, etc. When I got to Australia I realized the TBM could just barely make it across the South Pacific so I decided to complete the trip around the world. I did not carry any extra passenger or baggage weight. All these airports either have commercial add-ons from publishers like SimMarket/Areosoft or free add-ons from Flightsim.to (some of which I made myself).

Some leg notes in case anyone wants to try any or all portions of this route:
KPVC → CYBC → CZUM - this was supposed to be a single flight but I spent too much time at a low-altitude and ran out of fuel way before reaching CZUM from KPVC and had to divert to CYBC. Only had a few hours logged in the TBM at this point and this taught me how high-altitude aircraft can only reach its max range cruising at high altitudes

EGPC → LFLJ - this route was long and indirect to burn a full tank of gas and leave me light for arrival into Courchevel. I also avoided London and Paris due to performance concerns

LFLJ → LFMN - this leg is short on purpose so I could depart Courchevel with a light load of gas

HUEN → HKML - this was supposed to be HUEN → FSPP but headwinds were too strong and I decided to divert and check out Mt Kilimanjaro

SCIP → SCIR - Longest leg, requiring good fuel management and favorable winds - use Windy.com to check. You should be able to arrive with enough reserve for at least one go-around

SA01 → SPGL - A very long indirect flight and I actually ran out of fuel less than a mile from the airport because I failed to take into account just how long I would be flying through the valley on my approach to the airport

TFFG → TXKF - I only had a few days to complete my journey around the world before I had to pack away my desktop PC indefinitely so I jumped from the Caribbean to Bermuda to home. I would definitely suggest instead a trip over the large Caribbean islands and up the US east coast

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