TBM improvement mod Flaps problem

I have the problem that I can’t encrease or decrease my flaps step by step. I only get full flaps and the i can’t decrease my flaps anymore!? I tried everything in the key bindings but I have no luck. Is it a known bug??
Edit… I just tried it with the original vanilla TBM and it’s the same problem!

Thank you guys in advance for help.

Nope, never heard of this problem. The improvemet has some minor bugs, that probaly vary depending on the countless combination of HW and SW. In my case, for example, with the ailerons trim I never be able to stabilize the airplane. It always slowly banks to the right or to the left. No problems with the MS version though. As your bug, just use the manual lever until something happens and the bug vanishes. Sometimes just waiting for something to change is the most practical solution.

What are the commands you have your flap controls set to?

I use encrease Flaps and decrease Flaps.
But I don’t think there’s the problem because I have the same problem by using the flaps with my mouse in the Cockpit. I’m not able to retract the flaps also. Very strange behavior!

Yeah, I was just checking in case you had it set to full / no flaps.

Strange bug indeed. Hopefully you can get it sorted.